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ABB aquires 3D inspection expert

ABB announced today that it has acquired the Spanish start-up company NUB3D, an innovator of digital, 3D inspection and quality-control solutions.

The acquisition expands the group’s portfolio of ABB Ability solutions that connect customers to the industrial Internet of Things. ABB Ability builds on the intelligent cloud, using connected devices to generate actionable digital information for a broad range of customers. The two companies have agreed not to disclose the value of the transaction.

NUB3D is a privately owned company headquartered in Barcelona. It supplies 3D white-light scanning sensor technologies, using digital scans to optimize inspection and quality assurance in manufacturing. The sensors can detect defects on a manufactured part with an extremely high level of accuracy.

By combining NUB3D’s proven world-class competence in 3D vision and metrology with ABB’s brand, worldwide reach, and offering and customer support, ABB will be able to create automated turnkey inspection and quality-control systems for automotive original equipment manufacturers, aerospace companies and customers in other sectors such as metals and plastics.

The technology represents the future of flexible manufacturing, enabling a high level of automation with advanced data analysis that can be used to optimize production processes. NUB3D will become part of the Robotics business of ABB’s Robotics and Motion division and the new global application center for 3D metrology in ABB.

Manufacturers increasingly have to improve quality and productivity while accommodating greater product variation and customization in smaller lots. NUB3D’s 3D sensor technology rapidly records and compares highly detailed geometric and surface data with digital CAD models, enabling the automation of inspection of manufactured parts and pieces, helping factories to reduce cycle times while raising quality and reducing the risk of quality control errors.

ABB and NUB3D have already successfully introduced two fully robotized state-of-the-art automatic quality inspection solutions for off- and in-line inspection using NUB3D’s 3D white-light sensors. They are marketed under the names FlexInspect and InspectPack.

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