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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Structured light using DLP technology
EDRS-A equipped with laser communication terminal
Laser light in BMW i8
  • Structured light using DLP technology

    3D Scanning Using Structured Light

    3D representation of real-world objects is increasing in demand as many new technologies emerge.  Machine vision and robotics, in particular, benefit from accurate and adaptive 3D capture capabilities. Other applications for 3D scanning...
  • Laser light in BMW i8

    Trends in Automotive Lighting

    The automotive lighting market is growing at its highest rate since 2010 with an anticipated growth rate of nearly 11% in 2015, amounting to $28 billion. The reason for this growth is the proliferation of LEDs in headlamps and other lighting....
  • Metallic pattern within clear glass

    Unique Marking of Metals and Glass using Picosecond Lasers

    Picosecond ultrafast lasers are recognized for their ability to produce marks with superior spatial resolution in materials that cannot be marked using nanosecond lasers.  For this reason, they have been used in commercial applications such as...
  • Lebert logistics

    Camera-Based Volume Determination in Logistics

    Logistics is an ever-increasing market. Due to just-in-time deliveries, corporate customers tend to outsource storekeeping increasingly “on the road” and end users enjoy shopping through online channels and having their products...
  • Bi-metal Canadian coin stitched in true color

    Non-contact Surface Inspection

    Whether for reasons that are strictly functional, cosmetic, or a combination of both, inspection of surface characteristics is a critical step in the manufacture of a vast array of manufactured items.  From a lens surface in a cell phone...
  • The History of the Silicon Solar Cell

    The History of the Silicon Solar Cell

    Placing a lit candle next to bars of selenium, British scientists, William Grylls Adams and Richard Evans Day, 140 years ago, discovered that selenium could transform light directly into electricity. Reading about their results, American inventor...
  • Silicon Photonics and optical communications

    How Silicon Photonics Is Enhancing Optical Communications

    Detractors of silicon photonics would argue that there is little threat of the technological phenomenon taking over the telecoms and datacenter world and to a certain extent, they are right.  This isn’t to say that there hasn’t...

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