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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Lidar enjoying a resurgance
Gardasoft at Vision
  • Lidar enjoying a resurgance

    Lidar Coatings Take Many Forms

    Lidar is enjoying a resurgence as autonomous vehicles leave the development lab and begin to hit the roadways. But lidar actually encompasses a much more varied range of applications and optical designs, each with their own unique optical coating...
  • Thermal image from back

    Testing Solar Panels with Thermal Imaging Cameras

    In the field of research and development, thermal imaging cameras are an established tool for evaluating solar cells and panels. However, the use of thermal imaging cameras for solar panel evaluation is not restricted to the field of...
  • Imagio system from Seno

    Opto-Acoustic Imaging Shines a Light on Breast Cancer

    Advancements in imaging and computer science have enabled development of many types of medical image processing systems for the diagnosis of breast cancer. A new type of system from San Antonio, Texas-based Seno Medical Instruments is soon to...
  • Control logic
  • Mounted 2MW Gyrotron window 108x185mm Source Element Six

    CVD Diamond: An economical optical engineering material

    The use of chemical vapour deposition (CVD) diamond as an engineering material in a growing number of highly demanding optical applications has been introduced in recent articles (ref 1). Less attention has been paid to the reasons why CVD diamond...
  • Minimizing blur
  • Machine vision is helping neurosurgeons more accurately diagnose and treat patients It also allows them to perform procedures that until now have been extremely difficult or even impossible photo courtesy of Adimec

    Cross-Industry Collaboration Fuels Machine Vision Innovation

    Since its early days, machine vision has been primarily used to check the liquid level in a bottle, or verify if a packaging label is applied correctly. A computer was able to compare a known good image to what the camera was currently...

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