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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Accommodating 4 electrodes with 4-axis control
Qualimatest pipette inspection system
Engineers at Chronocam have developed a new type of imager that operates on an entirely different principle to a traditional imagera principle that closely models the function of the human eye
  • Accommodating 4 electrodes with 4-axis control

    Neuroscience Under the Microscope

    While optical microscopy methods for neuroscience have expanded significantly in recent times, traditional tools such as patch clamp technology are still widely used because they provide superior data for many types of experiments. Researchers at...
  • Diamond PureOptics
  • A photonics convergence

    Photonics Convergence to Underpin Industry 4.0

    The smart factory. The fourth industrial revolution. The industrial internet. Whatever you prefer to call it, Industry 4.0 is becoming one of the defining themes of the current era, promising the combination of connectivity, flexibility, artificial...
  • Autonomous Vehicle with LIDAR sensor

    A World of 3D Sensors

    Society is becoming increasingly automated with sensor-packed electronic devices that will dominate everyday life.  3D sensors can be one of two general types: contact or non-contact. A contact sensor scans an object by touching it, while a...
  • LightIR

    Optics and Lenses for Drones

    Recent UAV system developments have drawn attention to the optical needs of the UAV industry. As detectors become larger in size and smaller in pixel size, UAV optics with higher MTF values and lower F# are the key to maximizing imaging...
  • autonomous vehicles

    Embedded Vision Systems Target Automotive Applications

    Autonomous vehicles capable of sensing their environment and navigating without human input are no longer a thing of science fiction. Many such prototype vehicles have been developed, but to date, not one automated production vehicle has actually...
  • Cementing Alignment Unit

    Optics Testing in Serial Production

    Trioptics produces optical measurement systems for R&D and production for every manufacturing step in optics. The company has been involved in optical measurement systems for R&D and production since its founding in 1991. In the beginning,...

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