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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Figure 1 Princeton Instruments NIRvana scientific camera
NanoDays 2015
Ibn al Haytham Image courtesy of 1001inventionscom
  • Figure 1 Princeton Instruments NIRvana scientific camera

    InGaAs Cameras Enable Advanced Imaging in Scientific Research

    Newly developed, deeply cooled, scientific InGaAs cameras (see Figure 1) facilitate leading-edge methods of imaging disease detection research. X-ray and UV-vis-NIR detection methods have been successfully used in various scientific, military, and...
  • Laser machining in PV manufacturing

    Advanced Automation in Photovoltaic Manufacturing

    Precise and highly technical processes are used in the manufacture of crystalline solar cells and thin-film modules as a way of reducing the cost of manufacturing, ensuring little waste in the process, increasing efficiency and improving the output...
  • 3D Robotic Imaging Helps Decommission Nuclear Plants

    3D Robotic Imaging Helps Decommission Nuclear Power Plants

    One of the key challenges in decommissioning nuclear plants is to understand where radioactive sources are distributed and determining the resulting intensity of the radiation fields from them. While conventional dosimeters can be deployed to...
  • UVC LEDs are having a major impact on bioscience applications

    UVC LEDs in Bioscience Applications

    UVC LEDs are having a major impact on the field of bioscience by enabling simple, efficient fixed wavelength instruments for DNA purity and concentration measurements. UVC refers to ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 200 – 280...
  • Direct patterning using ultrafast lasers

    Ultrafast Lasers Move into the Manufacturing Mainstream

    Ultrafast, or perhaps more accurately ultra-short pulse, lasers are steadily moving into the mainstream for many industrial applications, enabling industrial designers to add new features to ever smaller and thinner gadgets or allowing process...
  • In electrically noisy vision-based robotics applications, a computer may need to be located at some distance from a camera to eliminate any interference issues Image courtesy Yaskawa Motoman Robotics

    Cable Assembly Stretches USB3 Vision to its Limits

    While the humble computer cable might not initially appear to be one of the most significant components of a computer system, for builders of machine vision systems, it is a critical link. When developing a system based on the USB 3 Vision...
  • Motorized collimating lenses can be moved under PC control

    Automating Optical Alignment of Camera Modules

    Thanks to the development of single chip CMOS image sensors, low-cost image processors and miniaturized optics, many manufacturers have developed intelligent cameras in small footprint packages. These devices have been widely embraced in a number...

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