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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Camera Sensors for Military Use
Using a 3-D sensor system developed by the Austrian Institute of Technology AIT, the tram records the surroundings and detects obstacles on the line
International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society Awards
  • Using a 3-D sensor system developed by the Austrian Institute of Technology AIT, the tram records the surroundings and detects obstacles on the line

    VISION 2014: Traffic monitoring and management

    Machine vision is increasingly making inroads into non-industrial application areas such as traffic management, traffic monitoring, traffic safety and transport. In order to provide users in these sectors with a more detailed...
  • International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society Awards
  • Digital Lumens Fixture-Integrated Digital Light Agent
  • GridComms intelligent street lighting is designed to cut costs and reduce emissions

    Cloud-Based, Smart Street Lighting

    GridComm, a provider of power line communications (PLC) solutions that enable the transformation of the power grid into a smart grid, announced the launch of its Intelligent Street Lighting Solution. GridComm's Intelligent...
  • AOC coats large optic for Multiple Mirror Telescope
  • Live demonstration of optical interface at ECOC 2014
  • Kerf-less laser glass cutting process

    Rofin High-Speed Glass Cutting with Lasers

    In a year when global shipments of smartphones and tablets are expected to surpass 2 billion units, the ability to cut glass and similar materials is critical.  Television screens, computer screens and smart watches also...
  • Camera Sensors for Military Use

    Camera Sensors for Military Use: Sensor technologies

    The first article in this series, Camera Sensors for Military Use: Design fundamentals covered the main variables to consider: Purpose, functionality and SWaP (size, weight and power)  as well as performance parameters and tradeoffs. In this...
  • This heat map shows the players position during a match

    Image Processing Challenges

    With the many and varied image processing options for industrial vision applications, it is important to choose the approach that best fits the application, whether it is a smart camera with its own on-board processing capabilities or a PC-based...
  • Choosing cameras for soldiers in the field

    Camera Sensors for Military Use: Design Fundamentals

    Choosing sensor technology is fundamental in designing cameras for soldiers in the field. It can be difficult to compare the merits of cameras using different sensor technologies using only the specifications typically provided by the...
  • Diode laser systems for welding and sealing of plastics and synthetics

    Diode Lasers for Plastic Welding Applications

    Diode lasers gain more and more importance as tools for applications in welding of plastic and synthetic material. We see joined plastic and synthetic material in our every day lives: from the battle in the morning of opening of your corn-flakes...
  • Lighting is evolving into a high-performance application

    Smart Lighting in the Built Environment

    Electricity, photons and illumination have been the core of the lighting world for the last century, with the primary innovation happening around pushing the boundaries of LED chip efficacy – more lumens out of fewer watts. More recently, the...
  • LEDs offer many advantages over classical lighting sources

    Advanced Applications with LEDs

    If we take a look at the different lighting technologies used during history, we see that most of them addressed not just the lighting aspects but had additional benefits. In the very early history of mankind, fire was not just used for lighting...
  • Automating the packaging, inspection and grading of food packages is the key goal of the pan-European PicknPack project

    Automating the Picking and Packing of Food Produce

    Automated robotic systems have been widely deployed in the automotive industry to perform many kinds of assembly tasks. As a result, manufacturers have been able to increase the versatility and efficiency of their production lines, allowing them to...

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