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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Human Eye Source Wikipedia
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Laser combi-head for cutting and joining as well as additive manufacturing by means of laser metal deposition
  • Human Eye Source Wikipedia
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  • Laser combi-head for cutting and joining as well as additive manufacturing by means of laser metal deposition

    Lasers Help Cars Lose Weight

    Lightweight construction concepts have become an indispensable part of today's production technology. The automobile industry, for example, uses press-hardened and ultra-high strength steels with a tensile strength of up to...
  • Dr Nicolas Renier from the Rockefeller University, NY, with results from his LaVision BioTec UltraMicroscope light sheet microscope

    Measuring Brain Activity with a Single Snapshot

    LaVison BioTec, developers of advanced microscopy solutions for the life sciences, report on the latest work of Nicolas Renier, a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the laboratory of Marc Tessier-Lavigne at the Rockefeller University in...
  • Jenoptik Votan

    Jenoptik Automotive Solutions Presented at K

    At K, an international trade fair for processing plastics and rubber, Jenoptik presents new machine concepts with a clear focus on the automotive industry at booth C45, hall 11 from 19 to 26 October 2016.  ...
  • Thanks to thousands of individually controllable light points pixels, the new class of smart adaptive headlights can prevent glare for other road users while the other surroundings remain perfectly illuminated
  • IYL 2015 Final Report

    IYL 2015 Final Report

    Download IYL 2015 Final Report From John Dudley, Chair of the IYL 2015 Steering Committee: "The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015) was proclaimed at the United Nations General Assembly...
  • Fossil illuminated with UVA light

    Structured Imaging Approach Improves Fossil Analysis

    Over the centuries, fossils have been collected and archived by museums, colleges and universities, and many private individuals all over the world. In some cases, however, a simple photograph may have been all that was available to others that...
  • Seeing through murky water

    Seeing Through Murky Water with Time-of-Flight Cameras

    Today's ever increasing proliferation of information, real-time data feeds and overwhelming sensor coverage, can often make the world feel small and constrained. However, the oceans and seas contain some of the world's most unexplored and...
  • Machine vision in automotive inspection
  • The inside of Mellanoxs silicon photonics transceiver--right, and receiver-- left, chips

    Silicon Photonics: Scaling up from 100G to 400G

    People are consuming more data than ever before. For large Web 2.0 companies with hyperscale data centers that are striving to meet bandwidth demands, silicon photonics has become the more practical solution. "The datacenters have to continuously...
  • UCSF research assistant Donald Chau uses an optical stylus on the Echo Pixel workstation to manipulate a virtual image of the colon re-created from multi-slice images captured by a CT scanner

    3D Virtual Reality Takes on Colorectal Cancer

    In the United States, an estimated 132,000 new cases of colorectal cancer are diagnosed every year, resulting in 50,000 deaths. To detect these forms of cancer, physicians often perform a colonoscopy. This involves a day's worth of preparation...
  • Media at the Olympics Photo courtesy of IOC

    Light Technologies at the Rio Olympics

    What would the Olympics be without photography and the images sent instantly around the world? Many other light technologies are also at work at the Rio Olympics, some of them cutting edge, and they are affecting athletic performance, providing...
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