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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Imaging vehicle emissions
  • Imaging vehicle emissions

    Infrared Camera Shows Invisible Vehicle Emissions

    To raise awareness of the potentially fatal impacts of air pollution, a new video from thermal imaging specialists FLIR Systems highlights how its GF Series Optical Gas Imaging cameras use IR technology to visually...
  • the BitFlow Aon-CXP is optimized for use with the newest generation of smaller, cooler operating CXP single-link cameras popular in the IIoT
  • NextSense

    NEXTSENSE Lets Human-robot Teams Measure Gaps

    The human-robot collaboration (HRC) presents the future of factories that has already begun. NEXTSENSE GmbH, the Austrian manufacturer of optical measurement devices has developed the CALIPRI model series for the gap and flush...
  • Cyan-Tec

    Laser Removal of Material In Automotive Application

    Laser cutting of a variety of different materials, particularly metal and fabrics, is fairly common. Therefore, when an automotive supplier contacted Cyan Tec Systems Limited to design and manufacture an automated piece of...
  • PIs Fast Multichannel Photonics Alignment Engine is a PIC Award 2017 Finalist in Advances in Manufacturing

    PI’s SiP Alignment Engine is a 2017 PIC Awards Finalist

    When alignment speed is critical and accuracy needs to be at the nanoscale, for projects from planar testing to packaging, PI has the award-winning solution. The FMPA Fast Multichannel Photonics Alignment system is a 2017 PIC...
  • OFC, March in LA
  • High-power mirror coatings

    High-Power Triple Laser Mirrors

    Laser optics are commonly optimized for a single wavelength. When using frequency multiplying lasers, however, laser optics must be optimized for each of the wavelengths produced.  So-called triple mirrors are used for this...
  • Color space left with representative ellipses showing the area of generalization of colors learned from red and green apples

    Human and Machine Pattern Recognition

    To survive we must recognize visual patterns that indicate food, danger, mates, etc. Our visual pattern recognition is based on innate (“built in”) knowledge and lots of learning.  For example, a newborn favors looking at...
  • Cable Choices

    Software Cracks Cable Configuration Conundrum

    System integrators faced with developing industrial vision systems must pay careful consideration to the correct choice of cameras, lighting, computer hardware and software. No less important, however, is the specification of the cable assemblies...
  • Operating the CNC polishing machine

    Industry 4.0 Boosts Optics Manufacturing

    The year 2009 was difficult for many companies. Consistent with the global economic downturn, at Sill Optics the order entry sharply dropped by 30%. On top of this, some customers decided to discontinue their R&D activities, which directly...
  • First Real-Life Study of Solar-Powered Medical Implants

    Solar-Powered Medical Implants

    Researchers in Switzerland have conducted the fist real-life study to determine the viability of using subcutaneously implanted solar cells to power medical implants—in this case, a pacemaker.   The study showed that a...
  • The success story of green lasers is marked by entrepreneurial spirit and a gaming company

    Green Lasers, Yesterday and Today

    Hundreds of companies all over the globe are currently manufacturing color lasers in thousands of colors and wavelengths. Getting laser sources in the desired color has become commonplace. When visitors come to trade shows they take the variety of...
  • Top Ten Articles of 2016

    Readers Spot Trends in Light Technologies

    Novus Light Technologies Today’s readers are knowledgeable industry leaders, and the articles they read signal significant trends in the industry. The most-read articles include state-of-the-art research and technologies, but more than...
  • Ximeass XI Switch

    PC Bus Transformed into a Camera Interface

    Frame grabber boards have been widely deployed by designers of industrial vision systems to enable image frames to be captured from either digital or analog video cameras. Many of today’s contemporary frame grabbers allow such image data to...

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