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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Framos at Automate
  • Testing olive oil

    Photonics & Food

    Photonics has long played an important role in the food industry, with light technologies used to grow and pick crops on the farm to keep our food fresh, safe and free from counterfeit ingredients throughout the production process. UV-Vis and...
  • Testing sun protection with spectroscopy

    Spectroscopy Measures Sun Protection Factor

    Understanding the deleterious effects of sun damage on the eyes and skin, we have become familiar with the need for sunscreen with varying sun protection factors (SPF). But just what SPF means and how effective they are are not entirely clear to...
  • Color space left with representative ellipses showing the area of generalization of colors learned from red and green apples

    Human and Machine Pattern Recognition

    To survive we must recognize visual patterns that indicate food, danger, mates, etc. Our visual pattern recognition is based on innate (“built in”) knowledge and lots of learning.  For example, a newborn favors looking at...
  • Cable Choices

    Software Cracks Cable Configuration Conundrum

    System integrators faced with developing industrial vision systems must pay careful consideration to the correct choice of cameras, lighting, computer hardware and software. No less important, however, is the specification of the cable assemblies...
  • Operating the CNC polishing machine

    Industry 4.0 Boosts Optics Manufacturing

    The year 2009 was difficult for many companies. Consistent with the global economic downturn, at Sill Optics the order entry sharply dropped by 30%. On top of this, some customers decided to discontinue their R&D activities, which directly...
  • First Real-Life Study of Solar-Powered Medical Implants

    Solar-Powered Medical Implants

    Researchers in Switzerland have conducted the fist real-life study to determine the viability of using subcutaneously implanted solar cells to power medical implants—in this case, a pacemaker.   The study showed that a...
  • The success story of green lasers is marked by entrepreneurial spirit and a gaming company

    Green Lasers, Yesterday and Today

    Hundreds of companies all over the globe are currently manufacturing color lasers in thousands of colors and wavelengths. Getting laser sources in the desired color has become commonplace. When visitors come to trade shows they take the variety of...

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