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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Robotic aircraft equipped with IR perform a variety of aerial inspections
A lens the size of a button turns cell phone into microscope
  • Robotic aircraft equipped with IR perform a variety of aerial inspections

    Drones Use Infrared Technology to Look for Gas Leaks

    FLIR Systems (FLIR), a specialist in thermal imaging systems, announced that ING Robotic Aviation, leader in its field, has selected its products to develop robotic aircraft for aerial industrial infrared inspections and visual...
  • Resolve Optics offers high-performance custom lenses
  • A lens the size of a button turns cell phone into microscope

    Simple Lens Turns Smartphone into Microscope

    The Micro Phone Lens, developed by University of Washington (UW) mechanical engineering alumnus Thomas Larson, can turn any smartphone or tablet computer into a hand-held microscope. The soft, pliable lens sticks to a...
  • A simulation of the illuminance of an alleyway at noon at two different times of year, autumn top and winter bottom The new light-directing panel increases the amount of light that reaches the alleyway, as indicated by the higher amounts of red and yellow
  • Silicon Photonics Summer School to be held at Ghent University

    Silicon Photonics Summer School in Ghent

    The Silicon Photonics Summer School 2014 will take place at Ghent University in Ghent, Belgium, from 29 June to 4 July 2014. Organized in the framework of Plat4M, the major EU-funded integrated research project in silicon...
  • GE Lumination IS Series Suspended LED Luminaires

    Wal-Mart and GE Transform Retail Lighting with LEDs

    Wal-Mart has announced plans to purchase energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) ceiling lighting fixtures for new supercenters in the US, stores in Asia and Latin America and Asda locations in the UK. The new Lumination IS...
  • Engineers install the NIRSpec instrument in the heart or ISIM of NASAs James Webb Space Telescope Credit NASAChris Gunn
  • Global coordination in vision standards development has never been stronger

    Global Vision Standards Update

    If you've stopped by an International Vision Standards booth at one of the major Vision shows lately, you likely learned of the significant developments in the vision standards arena. I am writing this article while at the Spring International...
  • Laser safety begins with adherence to standards

    Laser Safety Begins with a Proper Safety Plan

    The arsenal of laser safety tools for manufacturers, researchers and healthcare professionals has never been better stocked. From highly flexible online and onsite training courses, to new and revised user standards, to ever-improving eyewear,...
  • Finding cell nuclei with HALCON Image courtesy of MVTec

    Image Processing: Choosing a software development environment

    With the plethora of machine vision software libraries currently on the market, it may appear as if choosing a software development environment that is best suited for a particular machine vision application might be a daunting, if not impossible,...
  • Near-IR picosecond lasers mark on sapphire with excellent surface and edge quality

    High Value Laser Marking

    Lasers are used to mark an extremely diverse range of products, such as food packages, semiconductor wafers, identification cards, electrical wires, medical products and signs.  Most of these applications are serviced by Q-switched,...
  • Smart lighting saves money, save energy

    LEDs and Smart Lighting Controls: A perfect match

    For the last few years, two technologies have dominated headlines in the world of energy-efficient lighting. LED lighting and smart lighting controls. It’s no wonder. Advances in both technologies have the potential to revolutionize lighting...
  • The Eyesense sensor after implantation
  • Solid-State lighting, or light-emitting diodes, are finally making their way into general market

    Solid-State Lighting: Moving to the general market

    Solid-State lighting, or light-emitting diodes (LEDs), are finally making their way into general market. For many years, the LED industry was driven by the need to replace LCDs in many applications such as in computer and cell phone displays. Then...

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