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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

USDA uses FLIR A655sc thermal imaging camera by FLIR Systems
A streamlined approach to traffic violations
  • 3D Scanners Tackle Specialized Surface Measurements

    3D Scanners Tackle Specialized Surface Measurements

    Over the past two decades, general purpose scanners have been widely deployed in various industries to capture 3D images of shapes and surfaces of objects that can then be analyzed for quality control, reverse engineering and fit and finish...
  • 3D interferometer image of an aspheric lens courtesy of Zygo

    Trends in Aspheric Lens Manufacturing

    The main application for aspheric lenses is focusing laser beams in a production environment. For many material processing applications often a laser spot on the work piece is needed with highest possible energy in a smallest possible spot. One...
  • Figure 1 Anitoa

    Ultra Low-Light CMOS Biosensor Helps Tackle Infectious Diseases

    The recent outbreak of Ebola in West Africa underscores the urgent need for globally affordable tools to help fight infectious diseases. Among these, a method to rapidly and accurately identify the infectious pathogen is of particular importance....
  • Cameras for military operations

    Camera Sensors for Military Use: Sensitivity comparison

    How to choose the appropriate camera sensor for specific military application is the topic of this three-part series. The first article, Camera Sensors for Military Use: Design fundamentals, covered the main variables to consider: Purpose,...
  • Laser-based machine vision is playing a key role as a perfect complement to robotic assembly

    Laser Machine Vision Enables Automotive Inspection

    The mass production of automobiles and automotive components is becoming ever more automated, with smart robotic tools performing a wide range of tasks. To ensure consistent quality and specified performance, the robots are usually operated in a...
  • Using the XIMEA camera, researchers at VISNX have built a remote sensing platform that was fitted to a microlight aircraft

    Hyperspectral Imaging Takes to The Skies

    Hyperspectral systems acquire data in a set of narrow spectral bands which are then combined to form a three-dimensional (3D) datacube that comprises two spatial dimensions and one spectral dimension of a scene. Such datasets can be acquired in a...
  • Depth sensing enables gesture recognition

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