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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Wafers moved to inspection station
  • UV-C LED
  • Laser cutting in solar manufacturing

    Lasers in Solar Cell Manufacturing

    Laser processing established itself as a mainstream technology in the manufacturing of industrial standard solar cells. Various process steps are suitable for laser processing and have been commonly used in the past, such as via drilling, laser...
  • Imaging in defense applications

    GigE Interfaces Simplify Defense Imaging Design

    Imaging is playing a growing role in defense applications, with networked cameras, sensors, and software providing in-depth analysis to improve surveillance and safety. As defense imaging systems become more sophisticated, manufacturers and...
  • Dont blame the golf head

    Inspecting Golf Club Heads with Non-Contact Laser Sensors

    Every day all over the globe, golfers step onto the golf course, playing 18 holes by striking the ball with their driver, iron and putter. What most don’t know is that the USGA (US Golf Association) has strict rules about their golf club head...
  • Pattern Recognition More than a bag of words

    Pattern Recognition: More than a bag of words

    Pattern recognition is a software technique that is widely deployed in industrial vision systems to search and locate objects in images. The approach involves teaching a system the characteristics of a known object and then finding a match between...
  • OilGas sensing

    Specialty Optical Fiber Coatings for In-Well Sensing

    For years now, optical fibers have been used to sense temperature, acoustic and strain in oil & gas wells. As wells can be quite high in temperature, special coatings on the glass are necessary to ensure that the underlying glass remains...
  • Steel rollers in wire drawing equipment

    Laser Cladding Strengthens Industrial Components

    Virtually every manufacturing sector, from heavy equipment to microelectronics, is pursuing the same overarching goal of reducing production costs while simultaneously improving yield and final product quality. Lasers are powering this trend in...

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