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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Super Bowl lit with LEDs
Motorized collimating lenses can be moved under PC control
Former UFIFAS graduate student Kyle Wilson prepares a equipment for his fish count
  • Motorized collimating lenses can be moved under PC control

    Automating Optical Alignment of Camera Modules

    Thanks to the development of single chip CMOS image sensors, low-cost image processors and miniaturized optics, many manufacturers have developed intelligent cameras in small footprint packages. These devices have been widely embraced in a number...
  • Silicon windows can readily be found off-the-shelf like these Edmund Optics TECHSPEC Silicon Windows

    Advantages of Silicon for Mid-Wave Infrared Windows

    Infrared and thermal imaging technologies continue to make inroads into commercial markets such as industrial inspection, automotive safety, chemical and biological sensing, and security and surveillance. While defense thermal imaging remains the...
  • Vision Systems of 2015

    Vision Overview: Lights, camera, action

    Traditionally, machine vision components have been deployed by OEMs and sophisticated end users to build systems to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes and to lower the cost and improve the quality of manufactured goods. As the cost...
  • International Year of Light

    2015: Light technologies trends and forecast

    The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. Novus Light Technologies Today embraces this unique opportunity to highlight the importance of how light-based technologies provide...
  • Image of postprocessed Fabry-Prot staircase
  • 3D Scanners Tackle Specialized Surface Measurements

    3D Scanners Tackle Specialized Surface Measurements

    Over the past two decades, general purpose scanners have been widely deployed in various industries to capture 3D images of shapes and surfaces of objects that can then be analyzed for quality control, reverse engineering and fit and finish...
  • 3D interferometer image of an aspheric lens courtesy of Zygo

    Trends in Aspheric Lens Manufacturing

    The main application for aspheric lenses is focusing laser beams in a production environment. For many material processing applications often a laser spot on the work piece is needed with highest possible energy in a smallest possible spot. One...

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