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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Embedded vision
  • A stereo camera system

    Choosing Lenses for Stereo Camera Applications

    Stereo cameras perceive the world in a manner similar to humans; this similarity allows machines using stereo technology to perform and interact like human partners. Robots equipped with a stereo camera can grasp objects autonomously, without the...
  • Embedded vision

    Embedded Vision Solutions

    Embedded vision is a term that has been used for decades. According to the Embedded Vision Alliance, embedded vision refers to the practical use of computer vision in machines that understand their environment through visual means. While the term...
  • Image courtesy Secure Optics

    NICE Solution Enables Sophisticated Software Security

    Surveillance systems are widely deployed across the globe in many disparate environments to monitor the behavior of people. CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras were the first types of security cameras to be adopted, but newer systems are now...
  • Photo courtesy of TRUMPF GmbHCo KG

    Analyzing Performance for Laser Additive Manufacturing

    Recently, a new emerging technology of metal 3D printing or LAM (Laser Additive Manufacturing) is recognized as the new advantageous process for metal parts manufacturing. For this application, lasers play a significant role because they can focus...
  • Wifi smart home technology

    Optical Communications in the Home

    Over the last few years, household demand for high speed and hyper-efficient optical communications technology has continued to rise - and companies around the world continue to strive to keep up with expectations.  One such company is...
  • Lidar enjoying a resurgance

    Lidar Coatings Take Many Forms

    Lidar is enjoying a resurgence as autonomous vehicles leave the development lab and begin to hit the roadways. But lidar actually encompasses a much more varied range of applications and optical designs, each with their own unique optical coating...
  • Thermal image from back

    Testing Solar Panels with Thermal Imaging Cameras

    In the field of research and development, thermal imaging cameras are an established tool for evaluating solar cells and panels. However, the use of thermal imaging cameras for solar panel evaluation is not restricted to the field of...

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