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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

JUICE mission artists impression courtesy ESA
Report on LED Horticultural Lighting Systems
  • Vision Inspection

    Is This the Future of Automated Vision Inspection?

    Contemporary vision systems are often located on production lines where products conveyed through them are automatically inspected for defects that are known to occur. One inspection system typically consists of multiple acquisition stations...
  • Dueling standards

    Dueling Control Standards in Intelligent Lighting

    In the article Smart Fixture Controls in Intelligent Lighting, we discussed the evolution of centralized lighting controls, especially as it relates to controlling LED luminaires. Because LED characteristics are increasingly tunable they can be...
  • MRI Image of Brain

    Light in Health and Medicine

    Light technologies are changing not only the way we live, but also how well we live. In recent research, light technologies including holograms, digital camera technology, spectroscopy and optical fiber is being used in new ways in neurology,...
  • Polarizing cameras in industrial inspection

    Industrial Vision Gets Polarized

    In many industrial applications where visual inspection can be challenging due to low contrast or highly reflective imaging conditions, polarized sensors can help to uncover hidden material properties and provide visual clarity over standard...
  • Hyperspectral imaging of ham

    Hyperspectral Imaging Applications in Food and Packaging

    Hyperspectral imaging combines infrared spectroscopy with machine vision to produce images which can be colour coded according to the chemical composition of the objects being imaged. Its ability to identify differences in the chemical composition...
  • Smart Lighting

    Smart Fixture Controls in Intelligent Lighting

    The days of the simple dimmer switch being thought of as lighting control are long gone. LED technology now enables total control of solid-state lighting characteristics, including light intensity, color temperature, hue, power consumption, and...
  • Prototyping

    Virtual Prototypes Speed Time to Market for Solid-State Lidar

    Lidar is quickly becoming an enabling feature for the autonomous vehicles market. In fact, many believe lidar is the most important optical technology in the race toward mainstream self-driving cars. But not all self-driving vehicles are fully...

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