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Eight new Basler ace U models with the Sony Pregius sensors IMX287 and IMX273

Camera manufacturer Basler introduces eight new Ace U models with the Global Shutter CMOS sensors IMX287 and IMX273 from Sony’s Pregius line. These eight new cameras offer VGA and 1.6 megapixel resolutions and deliver up to 520 frames per second. 

The IMX273 sensor offers the same image quality, high speeds and low noise with a pixel size of 3.45 µm already known from other sensors of the second Pregius generation (e.g., IMX250 and IMX304). The IMX287 sensor, on the other hand, has twice the pixel size with an edge length of 6.9 µm. This results in an increased saturation capacity and a higher dynamic rang, with the same sensitivity and also low noise.

Both sensors have the Ultra Short Exposure Time feature, which allows exposure times of up to one microsecond (1 µs). This makes them fit for applications with fast movements, such as in the print sector. The sensitivity of both sensors also extends into the near-infrared range and thus positions them as a good alternative to higher-priced, dedicated NIR sensors in applications where low sensitivity in the NIR range is sufficient, such as electroluminescence inspection or in traffic and security applications.

With their features, the eight new ace U models are also suited as upgrades for older CCD cameras with low resolutions. For example, the CMOS sensor IMX287 is an adequate replacement for the CCD sensor ICX618. Thanks to the similar pixel format at the same resolution, a smooth transition is possible. Due to its significantly better sensor characteristics at a similar price level, the IMX287 offers users additional optimization potential for the entire image processing chain.

All eight new ace U cameras are available with the GigE and USB 3.0 interfaces and include the feature set PGI, the combination of 5 x 5 debayering, color-anti-aliasing, denoising and improved sharpness. The GigE models also offer powerful GigE Vision 2.0 features, such as PTP. The pylon Camera Software Suite from Basler facilitates integration of the ace cameras. The first design-in samples are planned for Q2 2018.

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