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Excelitas Technologies Corp., a global technology company delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, will display its new illumination and curing systems for medical applications at BIOMEDevice in Boston, Massachusetts (US) 3-4 May.

Products at Excelitas’ exhibit (booth 364) include:

  • XLMii LED Fiber Optic Light Source: Offering medical device OEMs simplified integration of LED illumination for endoscopy, surgical microscopy and surgical headlamps, the LED fiber optic light source features configurable components that can be quickly adapted to customer requirements, including optional integrated NIR laser or LED source. Product design time can be significantly reduced, allowing for shorter time-to-market.
  • µPAX-2 Pulsed Xenon Light Source: µPAX-2 combines an innovative lamp design with state-of-the-art circuitry and components into a packaged Xenon light source that simplifies integration. This compact solution contains the flash lamp, trigger circuit and power supply in an EMI-suppressant enclosure. Applications for µPAX-2 include UV/Vis spectrophotometry, point-of-care analytics, environmental and absorption analysis, fluorescence triggering, immunoassays and microplate readers.
  • X-Cite Vitae vIR: A customizable, multi-wavelength illumination system for medical illumination and diagnostic applications, X-Cite Vitae vIR is designed to replace traditional 180W or 300W xenon sources. This high brightness, solid-state white light source features adjustable color temperature and repeatable output in an easily-integrative turnkey system. X-Cite Vitae vIR also offers a unique capability to shape the spectrum in accordance with the camera being used to obtain the desired color temperature in an image for accurate diagnosis.
  • OmniCure LX500 UV LED Spot Curing System: Featuring up to four LED heads with up to 16W/cm2 peak irradiance and proprietary feedback technology, OmniCure LX500 provides the highest irradiance available with unmatched optical stability for consistent and repeatable assembly of medical devices with lower costs. It is designed for use in medical devices such as catheters, cannulas, endoscopes and syringes, and electronics applications.
  • HeliX Silicon Avalanche Photodiode (SiAPD) Module: This compact, easy-to-use, analogue low-light-level detection (L³D) module employs Excelitas’ leading SiAPD chips. The detector is in a hermetic TO package, mounted on a practical OEM based PCB, which includes high-voltage power supply, temperature compensation, a low-noise transimpedance amplifier, APD bias monitor and micro-controller. The HeliX voltage-output module is ideal for fluorescence measurement, analytical instrumentation, flow cytometry, confocal laser endomicroscopy and laser scanning ophthalmology applications.

Company experts will be on site at the show or available by phone in advance of the conference to provide updates on its market-driven photonic solutions.

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