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The EMVA Young Professional Award is an annual award to honor the outstanding and innovative work of a student or a young professional in the field of machine vision or computer vision. It is the goal of the European Machine Vision Association to further support innovation in our industry, to contribute to the important aspect of dedicated machine vision education and to provide a bridge between research and industry.

In this context, with the call for papers for the Young Professional Award 2018 the EMVA would like to specifically encourage students and young scientists from European institutions to focus on challenges in the field of machine vision and to apply latest research results and findings in computer vision to the practical needs of the machine vision industry.

Connected to the honor of the EMVA Young Professional Award and the publicity for the research work is a whole package of benefits. It includes a free conference pass and coverage of all travel costs to the EMVA Business Conference in Dubrovnik; plus prize money of 1.500 Euros and free entry to the European Machine Vision Forum 2018 taking place from September 05-07 in Bologna.

The winner of the award will be announced at the 16th EMVA Business Conference 2018 taking place June 07-09 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and will have the opportunity to present the awarded work to the machine vision industry leaders from Europe and abroad. This presentation will be covered by the international machine vision press leading to further publication options on an international level.

Applications shall be submitted not later than April 1st, 2018. The criteria of the works to be presented for the EMVA Young Professional Award as well as more information can be downloaded on the EMVA website or here: Download the Call for Applications.

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