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Cermax MX300 Series of Metal-Bodied Lamps from Excelitas

Excelitas Technologies, a global technology provider focused on delivering customized photonic solutions, introduces the new Cermax MX300 Series as the latest innovation to the Cermax Medical Family of Xenon Lamps. Designed with a rugged metal-body, the Cermax MX300BF and MX300BFM modules operate within a 250–325-Watt range and deliver 20% more output than alternative 300 W Xenon sources on the market.

The newly designed Xenon short-arc lamp integrates a diamond-turned, high-precision reflector to deliver higher output than a standard 300 W lamp. This improved output provides enhanced coupling into smaller fibers for maximum optical output efficiency. MX300 technology is ideal for medical endoscopy, surgical headlamp illumination, biofluorescence, robotic surgery equipment and other medical illumination applications demanding a perfect, bright, white light source.

The compact Cermax MX300BFM Xenon lamp module is easily integrated, and combines a high-density aluminum heat-sink design to ensure exceptional cooling performance for OEM applications worldwide. This improved thermal management effectively extends lamp lifetimes and reduces light quality degradation over the service life of the light source.

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