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Bounce Imagings Low-Cost Throwable Sensor Assesses High-Risk Situations

Bounce Imaging, a startup company based in Boston, Massachusetts (US), will be presenting a demo of its new product at the Consumer Electronics Show next week in Las Vegas.

The product is a baseball-sized orb that has six cameras and other sensors embedded in it. The company refers to it as “low-cost, throwable sensors.” Initially developed by an MIT student and Army Ranger, it's won numerous accolades and awards including being named one of Time Magazine’s best inventions of 2012.

The ball is intended for use by first responders, who can toss it into a dangerous situation to see what’s happening through the images it sends back.  In addition to the cameras, the orb has sensors that detect air quality, temperature, radiation and other hazards—and it has the ability to send that data to remote, mobile devices.

The company is building test units now, and hopes to get them into the hands law enforcement agencies for testing. The orb will sell for about $500, which is price point that Bounce is hoping will be affordable for any law enforcement agency.

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