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OSA Foundation announces student awards at CLEO 2014

The OSA Foundation this week announced the recipients of its student awards and travel grants related to CLEO 2014, taking place this week at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California (US). 

Fabian Langer of University of Regensburg, Germany was selected as the winner of the annual Maiman Outstanding Student Paper Competition, an OSA Foundation program supported by HRL Laboratories LLC, the IEEE Photonics Society and the APS Division of Laser Science that recognizes outstanding student research presented at CLEO each year.  Additionally, 10 students received travel grants to attend CLEO: 2014 as recipients of the Incubic/Milton Chang Student Travel Grants.

Maiman competition

Langer won for his paper “CEP Control of Dynamical Bloch Oscillations in a Bulk Semiconductor via Ultra-Intense Multi-THz Fields.” The grand prize and two honorable mentions were presented today during the plenary and awards ceremony at CLEO: 2014. 965 submissions were reviewed and scored by the CLEO: 2014 technical program committee, which selected 28 semi-finalists. Six finalists were chosen by the CLEO: 2014 program and general co-chairs and presented their research in a private session yesterday. The presentations were judged based on innovation, research excellence and presentation ability.

Honorable mentions went to: 

·         Matthias Lauermann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Paper: “16QAM Silicon-Organic Hybrid (SOH) Modulator Operating with 0.6 Vpp and 19 fJ/bit at 112 Gbit/s” 

·         Kevin O’Brien, University of California, Berkeley, United States
Paper: “Phase Mismatch–Free Nonlinear Propagation in Optical Zero-Index Materials” 

Langer will receive $3,000 USD. Lauermann and O’Brien will each receive a certificate.

The Maiman Outstanding Student Paper Competition honors American physicist Theodore Maiman for his invention of the first working laser, and his other outstanding contributions to optics and photonics. It recognizes student innovation and research excellence in the areas of laser technology and electro-optics. The award is endowed by a grant from HRL Laboratories LLC, the IEEE Photonics Society and the APS Division of Laser Science and is administered by The OSA Foundation.

Travel grants

The OSA Foundation awarded Incubic/Milton Chang Student Travel Grants to 11 recipients from four countries who presented research papers this week at CLEO: 2014.

The Incubic/Milton Chang Travel Grant recipients are:

·         Chris Edwards, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

·         Guangcheng Gu, Clemson University, USA

·         Xuan He, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA

·         Hojoong Jung, Yale University, USA

·         Xin Li, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

·         Mohammad Ali Miri, University of Central Florida, USA

·         Bozhidar Oreshkov, Max Born Institute, Bulgaria

·         Antoine Runge, University of Auckland, New Zealand

·         Robert Woodward, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

·         Jingda Wu, University of Washington, USA

·         Xingyu Zhang, University of Texas at Austin, USA

The Incubic/Milton Chang Student Travel Grants, endowed by Milton and Rosalind Chang, annually provide 10 grants of $500 to enable students to present at CLEO, as well as 10 grants for OSA’s annual meeting, Frontiers in Optics. Students’ paper submissions, financial need and letters of recommendation are all considered during the selection process.

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