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Cree, Inc. introduces the XLamp XB-H light-emitting diode (LED), the brightest discrete LED in Cree’s high-density (HD) class of LEDs. The XB-H LED brings the lighting-class performance of the XP-G2 LED into a package that is only half the size. Delivering more than 500 lumens at 1.5 amperes (A), 25°C (77°F) in a 2.45 square millimetre (mm2) package, the Cree XB-H LED can enable luminaires that use the same size footprint as XB-D LED to triple their light output at the same efficiency.

The XB-H joins the XQ-E in the family of HD class discrete LEDs that offer high optical control factor (OCF), a measurement of how LED size and performance benefit directional lighting applications. High OCF LEDs enable lighting manufacturers to improve the performance of any lighting design, create smaller and less expensive systems and develop new lighting solutions that were previously impossible.

Utilising Cree’s proven and highly reliable ceramic package technology, the new XB-H LED delivers long L70 lifetimes at both high temperature and high current. In addition, the XB-H offers compatibility with most optics designed for the Cree XP family of LEDs, allowing lighting manufacturers to leverage the optics of existing lighting designs and improve their time-to-market.

To improve time-to-market, lighting manufacturers seeking Energy Star qualification can take advantage of the XB-H LED’s successor status to the XP-G2 LED, meaning that Energy Star qualification can be achieved using 3000 hours of LM-80 data, instead of the normal 6000 hours.

The XLamp XB-H LED is available in colour temperatures ranging from 2700K to 8300K and Colour Rendering Index (CRI) options of 70, 80, 85 and 90. Binned at 700 milliamperes (mA), 85°C (185°F), the XB-H LED delivers up to 499 lumens at 5 watts (W), 85°C. Product samples are available now and production quantities are available with standard lead times.

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