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Edmund Optics (EO), a provider of optical components, introduces its new Techspec BBAR Coated Hypotenuse Right Angle Prisms. These broadband anti-reflection (BBAR) prisms feature a wide wavelength range from 350 - 2200nm and are ideal for applications that require a single axis retroreflector and optical systems with space limitations.

Angle tolerance of ±15 arcsec

Techspec BBAR Coated Hypotenuse Right Angle Prisms provide a tight angle tolerance of ±15 arcsec, reducing ray deviation and eliminating the need for recalibrations of other parts of the optical system. The prisms are manufactured using an N-BK7 substrate and feature a high precision 40-20 surface quality, λ/8 surface flatness, and +0/-0.1mm dimensional tolerance.

Eight standard VIS 0 and NIR 1 coatings available

Coating options for the Techspec BBAR Coated Hypotenuse Right Angle Prisms include VIS and NIR coatings, which reduce surface reflections in their designated wavelength ranges for increased total transmission. Eight standard VIS 0 and NIR 1 coated prisms are available with hypotenuse lengths of 14.1mm to 70.7mm and legs from 10mm to 50mm. Custom sizes are also available. Techspec BBAR Coated Hypotenuse Right Angle Prisms are in-stock and available for immediate delivery.

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