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Flat Lens Patent Signals New Era in Optics and Imaging

US patent 9,935,503 to Fractal Antenna Systems signals a new era in the field of optics and imaging. The newly patented invention, a flat lens, uses fractal metamaterials to bend electromagnetic waves. This “source patent,” the very first issued patent on such flat lenses, opens new territory where metamaterial-based optics can be used and implemented.

The flat lens technology uses fractals, intricate patterns built up as repeating scaled shapes, to make more complex designs. With wide bandwidth, these “fractal atoms” act as a metasurface (metamaterial surface) — a close packed resonator array — that accomplishes the wave bending previously requiring curved, thick lens shapes with differences in refractive indices. The fractals provide advantages in ease of manufacturing, bandwidth, spectral use, and field of view that are not attained by other metasurface approaches. Controlling and bending these waves with the fractals leads to magnification and other interesting options.

The firm has been developing fractal metasurface technology for more than 10 years, and the new patent is one of several that the firm has filed and pending on the flat lens-related technology, encompassing microwaves up to visible light and beyond. For example, LED’s equipped with the new flat lens technology may produce brighter, or lower power-usage lighting, and flat lens-assisted array layers of LED’s may produce 3D displays that can be viewed without special glasses or holograms.

The firm has seen the first commercial applications of the flat lens technology at microwaves, for telecom and surveillance. There, needs are immediate and customer-driven.

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