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Flat-Top Beam Shapers Convert Gaussian to Flat-Top Profile

Edmund Optics, a provider of optical components, introduces new flat-top beam shapers. These refractive field mapping optical systems convert a Gaussian beam profile to a flat-top profile with near 100% efficiency.

The void of internal focusing enables use with high-power lasers

Flat-top beam shapers convert collimated Gaussian input beams into collimated flat-top beams with a uniform density distribution and a flat phase front. As a result of the field mapping optical design, the converted beam features an even intensity distribution, which is stable over great distances. This makes the converted beam suitable for holography, microscopy and system integration. Flat-top beam shapers have no internal focusing, so they are a suitable solution in applications that require high-power lasers, including material micromachining, welding and engraving.

Variety of design wavelengths offered for common YAG, fiber laser and CO2 sources

Flat-top beam shapers are available with design wavelengths from 266 nm to 10500 nm for common YAG, fiber laser and CO2 laser sources. Each flat-top beam shaper operates over a specified wavelength range for laser tuning and the use of multiple laser sources. An optional 4-axis flat top beam shaper mount and a flat-top beam shaper aligner are also available for ease of alignment and integration into optical systems.

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