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Flux Power Holdings, Inc., a developer of durable, scalable and affordable advanced energy storage systems, today announced that it has enhanced its product portfolio with the addition of a 24-volt (V), portable lithium (Li) storage solution. The modular packaging, real-time monitoring and rapid recharging capability make it a suitable solution for environments that require mobile or versatile energy solutions and demand large capacity output. These new mobile Li storage units can be used in solar, wind, telecommunications and peak-shaving applications, though initial applications will be as mobile gas or diesel generator replacements. Flux Power is currently working with another solutions provider to deliver an innovative alternative to gas and diesel generators used in power applications for lighting and staging equipment.

The new product contains modular 24V/100 Ampere-hour (Ah) Li batteries, each with a total energy output of 2.56 kilowatt-hour (kWh) lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4). Three separate 24V/100Ah battery modules feed an inverter to provide alternating current (AC) power at 110V or 220V. While one battery module is powering the inverter, the other two modules are on standby or charging until needed. Each 24V module has its own Battery Management System (BMS) that manages, records and maintains the system’s performance over time. Real-time data on the health of the cells is reported over a Controller Area Network (CAN) and can be relayed over telematics for remote diagnostics. Each 24V module also includes a Battery Control Module (BCM), which provides state of charge (SOC) information, as well as controlling dynamic charge algorithms to maximise system performance and minimise charge times.

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