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X-Cite Turbo with LaserLED Hybrid Drive

Excelitas Technologies, a global technology provider delivering customized photonic solutions, will highlight its offering of medical illumination and laser systems for microscopy applications at Focus on Microscopy 2018 in Singapore. 

Products on display at Excelitas’ Booth 61 include: 

  • X-Cite Turbo with LaserLED Hybrid Drive: A solid-state illuminator for fluorescence excitation applications, X-Cite Turbo features six individually controllable wavelengths covering the UV and visible spectrum. X-Cite Turbo’s LaserLED Hybrid Drive combines LED and laser phosphor illumination to generate multi-wavelength solid-state light output in a compact form factor. It also provides researchers with the flexibility to add additional fluorophores for live or fixed cell imaging.
  • X-Cite 120LEDmini: X-Cite 120LEDmini is a compact white-light LED light source for fluorescence imaging applications. Through direct coupling, X-Cite 120LEDmini delivers LED illumination and field uniformity at the specimen level, with the broadest spectrum of fluorescence excitation for routinely used fluorophores. Its LEDs are guaranteed for 20000 hours.
  • Qioptiq iFLEX-Gemini Laser Engine: This all-solid-state, compact laser engine provides two lasers in one system, with a combined, co-axial output. iFLEX-Gemini offers flexibility since each wavelength may be individually adjusted for output power and modulation repetition rate, with no laser re-alignment required. 

Excelitas will be at Focus on Microscopy 2018, 25–28 March 2018, Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore. Booth 61.

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