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Laser Components high-precision alignment lasers LT-PLM-635-01-C1 and LT-PLM-IRB-635-01-C1

Laser Components has announced two additions to its portfolio of high-precision alignment lasers: LT-PLM-635-01-C1 and LT-PLM-IRB-635-01-C1. At the exit point, the beams of these precision modules feature diameters of 1 mm and a squint angle of 0.05 mrad, which equals 5/100 mm per meter distance from the target. With standard modules, the aberration from the center of the housing is considerably higher at 8.7 mm.

The small exit diameter also produces a small dot on the target area allowing for very precise positioning. Due to its higher divergence, their use is recommended at distances of up to 3 m. For longer distances the company recommends using their standard version with a beam diameter of 4.5 mm. Both profiles are available in 24-mm housings with M12 connections or as a mobile version with an integrated battery in a 35-mm housing.

The so called “squint angle” defines the aberration of the laser beam from the central axis of the housing. This effect can be watched by putting the laser module on a plane surface and rotating it along its longitudinal axis. The laser spot will then move in a circle on the wall. The laser is positioned so it hits the target at the desired location. Precision modules are used whenever a target spot has to be aligned to a straight axis.

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