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High Pulse Energy YLF Ultraviolet Lasers by PI

Photonics Industries (PI) was the first to develop high-efficiency Q-switched, intracavity second harmonic Nd:YLF green pump lasers back in 1993. Now PI has introduced their new DM40-351, an ultraviolet (UV) laser providing a pulse energy of 40mJ @ 351nm with a beam quality of M2 ~10. Furthermore, this high pulse energy is scalable to ~80mJ in a dual head configuration for applications ranging from UV induced fluorescence, particle image velocimetry (PIV) to annealing OLED materials for the flat panel display industry.

Annealing of the larger and more uniform grains of polysilicon (poly-Si) in low-temperature poly silicon (LTPS) LCDs allows electrons to flow ~100 times faster (i.e., annealing improves resistivity) than these electrons can through the random-sized grains of amorphous silicon (a-Si), enabling higher resolutions and higher speed flat panel display. While 308 nm XeCl Excimer lasers are typically used today for this OLED annealing, other wavelength (e.g., 351nm) can be used. UV induced fluorescence applications need high pulse energy UV lasers to induce fluorescence to test the spectrum of gas combustion process in engine research.

Also, PI previously released our DM100-527, a green YLF laser with a pulse energy of 100 mJ, which is scalable to 200mJ in a dual head configuration.

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