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IA35 Series Photovoltaic Indium Arsenide Detectors from Laser Components

Laser Components is a manufacturer of photovoltaic indium arsenide detectors. From their research and production facility in Arizona (US), they supply customers with these industrial grade quantum sensors. The semiconductor material absorbs incident IR photons generating electron hole pairs, which are collected at external electrodes. Photovoltaic detectors are suitable for many applications due to their high sensitivity, fast response, low noise and wide dynamic range.

Laser Components’ IA35 is a heterostructure photodiode on an InAs substrate with a relatively wide peak at 2.8 microns. The IA35 has a 0.5 mm diameter chip and is designed specifically for uncooled operation and has a spectral range of up to 3.5 microns, 20% cut off. The curve of the spectral response can be seen in the image shown. Compared with standard InAs products the IA35 offers double the shunt resistance with a quadrupled area. 

The devices are manufactured in standard TO style packages and, according to their maker, have long expected lifetimes, making them ideal for fit-and-forget applications such as gas analysis, non-contact temperature measurement, laser monitoring and spectrophotometry. 

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