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IBS Mirror Coatings

Alongside E-beam coatings, which the company offers since 1986, Laser Components now has ion-assisted deposition (IAD) and ion beam sputtering (IBS) coating capabilities. IBS coatings are used for spectrally demanding applications, such as steep edge dichroic mirrors and very broadband mirrors. Unlike other coating technologies, process parameters such as beam energy, layer growth rate and oxidation level can be individually regulated to high precision during the coating process. The result is an optical coating with high density and extremely low thermal drift, due to the absence of moisture retention. IBS coatings exhibit low scattering losses and extremely high reflectivities, greater than 99.99% depending on optimized wavelength. This is a ‘cold’ coating method, and thus is suitable for temperature and moisture sensitive substrates. Laser Components offers custom IBS coating in the wavelength range 248 nm to 3000 nm. 

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