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MoS2 Nanocavity Could Boost Solar Cells, Optoelectronics and More
  • Sydney Nanoscience Hub

    Photonics at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub

    One of the five flagship projects being conducted at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub in Sydney, Australia is the Nanoscale Photonic Circuits research led by Professor Benjamin Eggleton. The AINST scientists will make use of the AU$150 million facility...
  • Keeping solar cool with photonic crystals

    CLEO 2016: Photonic crystals keep solar cells cool

    Solar cells turn sunlight into electricity, but they’re only about 20% efficient. Much of the leftover energy turns into heat, which actually harms the solar cell. Now researchers from Stanford University, Palo Alto, California (US), have...
  • OLED microdisplay research
  • Silicon nanostructured patterns on a glass substrate Image courtesy of the Capasso LabHarvard SEAS

    Nanotechnology Makes Holograms Highly Efficient, Secure

    Holograms are a ubiquitous part of our lives. They are in our wallets — protecting credit cards, cash and driver’s licenses from fraud — in grocery store scanners and biomedical devices.    Even though holographic...
  • SPIE President Robert Lieberman fourth from left met with members of the SPIE Delaware State University Student Chapter in Dover before speaking at the US Department of Energy National Lab Day at the University of Delaware in Newark DESU photo

    Photonic Sensors Helpful in Fossil-Fuel Energy Production

    Photonic sensors can improve safety, efficiency, and resource management for fossil-fuel-derived energy, SPIE President Dr Robert Lieberman told lab leaders, researchers and industry representatives during the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)...
  • UT Southwestern Cryo-EM
  • SPIE Medical Imaging, Orlando in February

    SPIE Medical Imaging Call for Papers

    SPIE Medical Imaging, which takes place 11 to 16 February 2017 in Orlando, Florida (US) has issued a call for papers. SPIE Medical Imaging focuses on the latest information is presented by leading physicists, researchers, and scientists in image...
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  • Mazda headlights

    2016 Mazda CX-9 Features Standard LED Lighting

    The 2016 Mazda CX-9 was created using low-beam headlights, which produce 900 lumens per unit—about twice the output of a comparable halogen headlight. Overall, CX-9's headlights are about 35% brighter than a standard halogen unit and...
  • The worlds first cobot was installed in December 2008 at Linatex, a Danish supplier of plastics and rubber for industrial applications The company still uses UR robots, benefitting from the longevity of the product their original UR5 model was updated to

    The Rapid Rise of the Collaborative Robot

    Eight years ago, Universal Robots sold the world’s first collaborative robot - long before the term for this emerging robot class was coined. Fast forward to 2016 and the cobot market with an annual 50% growth is now the fastest growing...
  • Cognexs Image-Based Airport Baggage Handling Identification Solution
  • Infrared Cameras Measure Precision of Laser Beams

    Infrared Cameras Measure Precision of Laser Beams

    Telecommunications connections must transport an unimaginable amount of data in real time over long distances. To feed source signals into the fiber optic cable with as little loss as possible, telecommunications companies monitor lasers’...
  • Adelaide lighting
  • Electrically Conductive Graphene Ink Enables Printing of Biosensors
  • Flabeg precision testing of parabolic mirrors
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