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Coherent Celebrates 50th Anniversary at Photonics West 2016
  • Global Fiber Optics Market 20162020 Demand for increased network bandwith drives growth
  • Photonics Congress China

    Photonics Congress China

    The Photonics Congress China will be held again in conjunction with LASER World of Photonics China at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from 15–17 March 2016.  The Congress topics will range from the latest...
  • IYOL Closing 4 to 6 Feb
  • Light the Future speaker series

    "Light the Future" Speaker Series Announced

    The Optical Society (OSA) celebrates its 100th anniversary with the Light the Future speaker series at eight international events in 2016. The events are open to conference attendees, invited guests and the local...
  • Frame grabber

    BitFlow to Discontinue Analog Frame Grabbers

    BitFlow, Inc., a specialist in machine vision technology, will discontinue production of its Alta-AN1 and Alta-AN4 analog frame grabbers. The move reflects management's plans to focus its resources and engineering...
  • GE to Phase Out CFL Light Bulbs in US by End of 2016

    GE to Phase Out CFL Light Bulbs in US by End of 2016

    Today GE announced its US consumer lighting business will shift the company’s business model away from the CFL bulb to focus fully on enabling LED and the connected home. GE will cease manufacturing and distribution of the...
  • Spatial Light Modulator Market Worth 4512 Million USD by 2020
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  • Germanium-based Photonics Promise Novel Sensors, Faster Internet
  • St Andrews physicists use new microscopy technique
  • Scientists have found that nanometer-sized clusters of xenon atoms center first shrink before exploding after being hit with very intense X-rays In the experiment at LCLS, a first X-ray pulse blue rapidly heats the cluster, while the second pulse red prob
  • Various biopolymer films and planar waveguide demonstrations
  • Scanning electron micrograph of a human T lymphocyte also called a T cell from the immune system of a healthy donor Source National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases NIAID

    Harnessing the Power of Light to Fight Cancer

    Immunotherapy is one of the most notable areas of cancer research. After all, using the body’s own cells to fight cancer can be more effective and less invasive than flooding the entire system with toxic chemicals. Yubin Zhou, PhD,...
  • In less than 30 femtosecond 30 quadrillionths of a second, high energy hot electrons in graphene bounce off one another as they cool Ella Marushchenko Ella Maru studio

    A New Way of Seeing Electrons Cool

    Two University of California, Riverside assistant professors of physics are among a team of researchers that have developed a new way of seeing electrons cool off in an extremely short time period. The development could have applications in...
  • MIT Purdue Research Boosts Incandescent Efficiency

    Nano Mirrors Boost Efficiency of Incandescent Light Bulbs

    Researchers at MIT and Purdue are making a more energy efficient incandescent bulb just as we thought they were going the way of the dinosaur due to regulations that phase them out in favor of CFLs and LEDs. Incandescent bulbs work by heating a...
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  • EDRS-A equipped with laser communication terminal

    SpaceDataHighway Includes Optical Components from Berliner Glas

    On 29 January 2016 the payload EDRS-A on board the communications satellite Eutelsat 9B was launched into outer space by a Proton rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The satellite already reached its position in the geostationary Earth Orbit. It...
  • Framos imaging courses

    Framos Announces Imaging Experts Academy

    As global imaging experts for products ranging from sensors to systems, Framos play a pioneering role in technological imaging developments. The company passes on its expertise to future specialists in this sector via its Imaging Experts Academy....
  • Leti workshop at Photonics West
  • Rofin lasers used in jewelry manufacturing

    Rofin Laser Solutions, Co-Developed by Jewelry Experts

    At this year’s Inhorgenta 2016, Rofin, a laser manufacturer with a long-standing history in the Jewelers and Goldsmiths business, features close cooperation with well-known experts.. Close co-operation with jewelry experts Close cooperation...
  • London Underground

    London Underground Uses Industrial Cameras to Monitor Tracks

    Stemmer Imaging has worked closely with London Underground to develop and deliver 104 industrial camera assemblies that are mounted directly onto passenger trains to provide image data on the condition of the wheel/rail interface and the track...
  • IYL Closing ceremonies
  • High-Speed Video Aids Development of Lean Burn Engine Technology
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