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  • II-VI Incorporated Acquires Integrated Photonics

    II-VI Incorporated Acquires Integrated Photonics

    Acquisition is valued at approximately $45.0 million in cash due at closing with a $2.5 million earn out Business to be a division of II-VI Photonics segment The Company’s guidance for the quarter is unchanged...
  • Laser 2017 The Berliner Glas Group

    Laser 2017: The Berliner Glas Group

    As a player in rapidly changing markets and with the continuous further development of products, the Berliner Glas Group says it has to constantly find market niches and develop and manufacture optical key components, assemblies...
  • RoHS exemption for glasses and filters

    Extension of the RoHS Exemptions Now in Force

    The European Union has just officially published the new RoHS exemption for the use of lead in optical glasses and cadmium and lead in optical filters for the next five years (link to the Directive). Together with some of its...
  • Framos Now Distributes Tattile Products

    Framos Now Distributes Tattile Products

    Tattile has announced a distribution agreement with Framos, Taufkirchen (Germany). Through the new cooperation all Tattile hardware and software products are now available in the Framos sales network in Europe and North America....
  • LASER World of PHOTONICS and World of Photonics Congresssupporting program

    Laser 2017: Supporting program

    Around 1300 exhibitors and more than 30000 visitors are expected at the LASER World of PHOTONICS and World of Photonics Congress from 25–29 June. The trade fair for photonics components, systems and applications at the...
  • Light revolutionizing industry

    Laser 2017: Light tools are revolutionizing industry

    64% of industrial managers in Germany anticipate that light tools will revolutionize classical manufacturing. Comfortably half of them go so far as to assume that photonics solutions will largely replace mechanical material...
  • Laser 2017 Conference on Digital Optical Technologies Joins SPIE Optical Metrology in Munich
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  • Spectral Eye Video Database SPEED Revolutionizes Eye-Tracking

    Spectral Eye Video Database SPEED Revolutionizes Eye-Tracking

    Using a spectral video device in eye-tracking, computational spectral imaging and eye-tracking, researchers from the University of Eastern Finland have created a first-of-its-kind combined spectral video/spectral image database: the SPectral Eye...
  • LAESI Interface Protea Introduces Molecular Imaging Technology

    Protea Introduces Molecular Imaging Technology

    Protea Biosciences Group has announced its development of new technology that enables the direct molecular imaging of the distribution of metabolites and peptides in human clinical tissue samples.  The results showed the ability to image the...
  • Uzma Samadani, MD, PhD, associate professor of neurosurgery at the University of Minnesota US, inventor of EyeBOX, founder of Oculogica, and neurotrauma consultant to the National Football League
  • Optical micro resonators made from silicon nitride on a chip using for soliton based communicationsV Brasch LPQM, EPFL

    Optical Communication Using Solitons on a Photonic Chip

    Optical solitons are special wave packages that propagate without changing their shape. They are ubiquitous in nature, and occur in Plasma Physics, water waves to biological systems. While solitons also exist in optical fibers, discovered at Bell...
  • German Quantum Initiative QUTEGA Starts with Optical Single Ion Clock
  • Organic light emitting diode OLED arrays generated in solution can overcome many fabrication challenges Credit Zak Page

    Building OLEDs From Ground Up for Better Electronics

    From smartphones to TVs and laptops, light emitting diode (LED) displays are ubiquitous. OLEDs (where the O denotes they are organic, or carbon-based) are among the most energy efficient of these devices, but they generally have higher production...
  • ow Gravitation Can Bend Starlight

    St. Andrews' Study Reveals Light-Bending Celestial

    The first observation of displacement of a star due to bending of its light by another celestial body other than the Sun is revealed today  in a new study from the University of St Andrews. In 1919, Arthur Eddington’s observations during...
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  • Machine Learning Improves Manufacturing Processes

    Machine Learning Improves Manufacturing Processes

    Instrumental has launched its new system, leveraging machine learning to help electronics companies improve their manufacturing lines, identify and fix problems faster and ship on time. Consisting of camera-equipped inspection stations, the system...
  • Eagleyard Photonics laser on satellite mission
  • Photo Fraunhofer ILT, AachenVolker Lannert

    Diamond Lenses Make Laser Optics Significantly Lighter

    Diamonds are an attractive as a material for laser optics: thanks to their extremely high refractive index and excellent heat conduction, laser optics made with them are ten times lighter than conventional laser optics. Fiber lasers in the kW range...
  • Photo FH AachenArnd Gottschalk Grand Opening of XLine 2000R on June 1st, 2017 From Left to Right Prof Dr Doris Samm, Prorector for Research and Innovation at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences Prof Dr Andreas Gebhard, Dean of department Mechanical E

    Aachen Center for 3D Printing

    For their joint project, the Aachen Center for 3D printing, the Aachen University of Applied Sciences and the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT have ambitious plans. On 1 June, 2017, they officially opened the world’s largest SLM...
  • NexOptic and Spectrum Develop Smartphone Telephoto Lens System

    NexOptic and Spectrum Develop Smartphone Telephoto Lens System

    NexOptic Technology and Spectrum Optix of Calgary (Canada) have successfully completed the engineering trade study of a new telephoto lens stack design intended for mobile devices, including smartphones. Spectrum has filed a patent application with...
  • LG Innotek Lights Up U-20 World Cup Final

    LG Innotek Lights Up U-20 World Cup Final

    LG Innotek announced that its 10 watt high-power LED package, 3535G4L series, was applied to the main lights of the Suwon World Cup Stadium, where the final of FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea 2017 will be held on 11 June. High-power LED is a light source...
  • CIS Gas Box
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