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  • Temperature-Controlled Microscopy Characterization of Perovskites for Photovoltaics
  • EMVA

    Call For Papers: EMVA Young Professional Award 2018

    The EMVA Young Professional Award is an annual award to honor the outstanding and innovative work of a student or a young professional in the field of machine vision or computer vision. It is the goal of the European Machine Vision Association to...
  • Can UV light help prevent flu

    UV Light May Help Fight the Spread of the Flu

    Continuous low doses of far ultraviolet C (far-UVC) light can kill airborne flu viruses without harming human tissues, according to a new study at the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC)....
  • The illustration shows how electrons blue collide with a laser beam greenmagenta and emit gamma rays yellow
  • Fiber Bragg gratings are used to turn an optical fiber into a sensing element by reflecting a specific wavelength back in the direction from which it came New dissolvable fiber Bragg gratings can be used as sensors in the body and are safe even if the fib

    First Fiber Optic Sensors That Dissolve in Body

    For the first time, researchers have fabricated sensing elements known as fiber Bragg gratings inside optical fibers designed to dissolve completely inside the body. The bioresorbable fiber Bragg gratings could be used for in-body monitoring of...
  • Leti prototype

    Leti Proposes Curving Technology for Optical Equipment

    Leti, a research institute at CEA Tech, has developed a new curving technology for optical sensors and micro-displays that improves performance, enhances field of view and compensates for aberrations in optical applications. The technology curves...
  • A sFLIM image of lung tissue labeled with three fluorophores shown in false colors The label locations are clearly visible against the otherwise strong autofluorescence background shown in gray
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