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  • Navigant Research Lighting Market Report

    Navigant Research Reports on Commercial Lighting Market

    The ongoing sea change between fluorescent and LED lighting technologies amounts to a significant disruption for the lighting industry, potentially changing the methods by which lighting is provided and sold to customers. As a...
  • Laser World of Photonics June in Munich Photo by Jeff Lent

    Laser World of Photonics 2015: June in Munich

    The leading manufacturers will be presenting their latest developments in the laser and optoelectronic components field at Laser World of Photonics in June 2015 in Munich (Germany). More than 1100  exhibitors are expected...
  • Fiber award goes to Parliament
  • Laser Additive Manufacturing Workshop
  • Koch Optics-Oplink merger

    Koch Optics Issues Cash Offer for Oplink Shares

    Koch Industries, Inc. announced that its subsidiary, Koch Optics, Inc., has launched its previously announced offer for all shares of Oplink Communications, Inc. at a price of $24.25 (USD) per share net to the holder in cash. On...
  • Visualant Scanner Kit
  • Infinera Light on a Chip Webinar

    Infinera to Host "Light on a Chip" Webinar

    Infinera, provider of Intelligent Transport Networks, will host a webinar titled Light on a Chip: The Future of Photonic Integration on 10 December 2014. The webinar observes 10 years of commercial photonic integrated circuit...
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  • PTT nanoparticle designs by the University of Cincinnati

    Nanoparticles Infiltrate, Kill Cancer Cells From Within

    Nanoparticle designs by the University of Cincinnati (UC), Ohio (US), target and treat early stage cancer cells by killing those cells with heat, delivered from inside the cell itself. Normal cells are thus left unaffected by the treatment regimen....
  • University of Utahs polarising filter
  • Optical 3D integral imaging display setup using a smart phone and a lenslet array

    Smart Phones Plus QR Codes Equals Secure 3D Displays

    Quick Response (QR) codes, the box-shaped symbols that appear on signs, posters and even business cards, are a convenient and efficient way of accessing specific web pages with a smart phone or other mobile device. However, new research published...
  • Flexible film that reacts to light is step toward artificial retina Credit American Chemical Society

    Artificial Retina Could Restore Vision Loss

    The loss of eyesight, often caused by retinal degeneration, is a life-altering health issue for many people, especially as they age. But a new development toward a prosthetic retina could help counter conditions that result from problems with this...
  • Near-field microscope with a fragment of gallium-nitride wafer
  • Purdues technique uses a pulsing laser to create synthetic nanodiamond films and patterns from graphite

    'Direct Writing' of Diamond Patterns From Graphite

    What began as research at Purdue University in Indiana (US) into a method to strengthen metals has led to the discovery of a new technique that uses a pulsing laser to create synthetic nanodiamond films and patterns from graphite, with potential...
  • Handheld probe for ultrasound photo-acoustic imaging

    Powerful Medical Imaging in the Palm of Your Hand

    A new handheld probe developed by a team of university and industry researchers in the Netherlands and France could give doctors powerful new imaging capabilities right in the palms of their hands. The imaging system, which is described in a paper...
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