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  • A free electron wiggled by graphene plasmons emits an X-ray pulse

    Hand-Held X-Ray Sources

    Since their discovery in 1895, X-rays have led to significant advances in science, medicine and industry. From probing distant galaxies to screening at airport security and facilitating medical diagnosis, they have allowed us to look beyond the...
  • 3D bioprinting
  • Retinal camera

    Retinal Camera Eliminates the Need for Dilation

    Now, researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine and Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School have developed a cheap, portable camera that can photograph the retina without the need for pupil-dilating eye drops....
  • Numerical and theoretical analyses describing the performance of a 2D disordered array of nanoholes in channel transfer form far-field input to SPP output
  • Atomically thin nanomaterials at work

    Optical Fingerprint can Reveal Environmental Gases

    More efficient sensors are needed to be able to detect environmental pollution. Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have proposed a new, sophisticated method of detecting molecules with sensors based on ultra-thin...
  • Light scattering spectroscopy detects pancreatic cancer
  • One modification researchers made to the device was to use a transparent electrical material called indium tin oxide for the electrode to allow light to pass through it These layers are stacked into a pillar with a diameter of only 10 m, which is only one
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