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Photonics Volunteers Urge Congress to Fund Science, Higher Education
  • The LIDAR system for the MERLIN mission incorporates all components from the pump laser to the frequency conversion in a particularly compact design suitable for space operation Photo Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen, Germany

    Robust Laser Technology for Environmental Satellites

    In 2021, the Franco-German satellite MERLIN shall be launched to study methane emissions on Earth. On board is a laser system that works precisely under extreme operating conditions. The technology for this has been developed at the Fraunhofer...
  • Photonics West 2018 in San Francisco

    SPIE Photonics West 2018: Call for papers

    SPIE announced the call for papers for Photonics West 2018, which takes place 27 January to 1 February 2018 in San Francisco, California (US). At Photonics West over 20,000 people come to hear the latest research and find the latest devices and...
  • A new system developed by MIT engineers could make it possible to control the way water moves over a surface, using only light Image Jose-Luis OlivaresMIT

    Propelling Water Using Only Light

    A new system developed by engineers at MIT could make it possible to control the way water moves over a surface, using only light. This advance may open the door to technologies such as microfluidic diagnostic devices whose channels and valves...
  • This is a multilayered spherical hyperlens structure Metal and dielectric thin films are deposited on a spherical shape of substrate b This is a transmission electron microscopy TEM image of the cross-section of a replicated hyperlens cd Tilted view for t
  • Molecular structure of C-Naphox Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules ITbM

    C-Naphox Dye allows Super-Imaging of Cells

    A new dye may allow researchers to view natural processes in extremely small components of living cells over a prolonged period of time; a previously unattainable feat. Optical microscopy allows researchers to see and distinguish between objects...
  • These images show light patterns generated by a rhenium-based crystal using a laser method called optical second-harmonic rotational anisotropy At left, the pattern comes from the atomic lattice of the crystal At right, the crystal has become a 3-D quantu

    First 3D Quantum Liquid Crystal Promises Ultrafast Computers

    Physicists at the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have discovered the first three-dimensional quantum liquid crystal—a new state of matter that may have applications in...
  • Rice graduate student Yicheng Wu demonstrates the SAVI prototype Photo by Jeff Fitlow

    Camera Prototype Uses Laser Illumination and Speckle Beams

    A unique camera that can capture a detailed micron-resolution image from a distance uses a laser and techniques that borrow from holography, microscopy and “Matrix”-style bullet time. A prototype built and tested by engineers at...
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  • Embedded Vision Summit 2017 Vision-guided machine learning with reVISION by Xilinx
  • Concept Laser

    US Naval Research Lab Using 3D Metal Printing System

    The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) is the Navy’s full-spectrum corporate laboratory, conducting a broad-based program of scientific research and development for maritime application related to oceanic, atmospheric, and space...
  • Cyan-Tec Laser Cell

    Laser Welding System to Improve Nuclear Decommissioning

    Cyan Tec Systems has been selected to design and build an exciting custom laser welding system for the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC), one of seven High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult centres funded by Innovate...
  • Chromasens line scan camera
  • Sortation Solution

    ProMat 2017: Intelligrated demonstrates sortation system

    Intelligrated, a North American-based automated material handling solutions provider, announces the debut of the IntelliSort HDS, a high density parcel and e-commerce sortation solution at ProMat 2017 in Chicago. With an innovative...
  • The 2017 Photonics21 Student Innovation Award was presented to Lien Smeesters of Vrije Universiteit Brussel second from left At the presentation, from left, were Photonics21 vice president Jaap Lombaers, Smeesters, DG CONNECT Deputy Director-General Khali
  • VISion in Laser Marking

    Vision in Laser Marking Applications

    Cyan Tec Systems, a laser marking systems integrator, has extensive experience of integrating laser marking with vision systems to combine automatic code verification and position compensation, to achieve the quality required for industries like...
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