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Frontiers in Optics 2014: Camera for melanoma detection
  • Rare-earth nanoparticles encapsulated in albumin shells glow under IR light Image Prabhas Moghe, et al

    Earlier Cancer Detection with Fluorescent Imaging

    A new medical imaging method being developed at Rutgers University could help physicians detect cancer and other diseases earlier, speeding treatment and reducing the need for invasive, time-consuming biopsies. The potentially life-saving technique...
  • This image shows the type of gold nanorods the team used in their research Gold is biocompatible and scatters light well, making it a good candidate to help study the viscous properties of mucus CreditWei-Chen Wu and Joseph TracyNCSU
  • DESI lens

    Dark Energy Spectroscopy Instrument (DESI) Wins $1.1M US Award

    The Heising-Simons Foundation has awarded $1.1M to the DESI project with the goal of helping to fabricate the unique optics needed to capture spectra of the young expanding universe. The funding comes on the heels of DESI’s CD-1 review by the...
  • Artists impression of a comparison between a magnetic mirror with cube-shaped resonators left and a standard metallic mirror right Credit Authors

    Magnetic Mirrors Reflect Light in Mysterious Ways

    As reported in the article “Optical Magnetic Mirrors without Metals" in the The Optical Society‘s (OSA) new high-impact journal Optica, scientists have demonstrated a new type of mirror that doesn’t use the familiar shiny...
  • Smaller than a pea, the telescope implant uses wide-angle micro-optics to improve vision for patients with end-stage AMD, the most advanced form of macular degeneration PRNewsFotoVisionCare Ophthalmic Tech

    Telescope Implant for Macular Degeneration

    VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies, Inc., a developer of advanced visual prosthetic devices for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Implantable Miniature...
  • Nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy of plasmonic modes with the PTIR technique
  • Cross-Polarized pump photons red and blue interact in the micro-ring resonator to directly generate cross-polarized correlated photons green and yellow Credit Lucia Caspani

    Frontiers in Optics 2014: On-chip quantum computing

    Commercial devices capable of encrypting information in unbreakable codes exist today, thanks to recent quantum optics advances, especially the generation of photon pairs, tiny entangled particles of light. Now, an international team of...
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  • New 10 euro bill at various wave length ranges
  • Fraunhofer MEMS-based 3D laser scanning technology

    Vision 2014: MEMS-based 3D laser scanning technology

    Fraunhofer researchers have developed a 3D laser scanner with a light-travel time-measurement system based on the human eye and that can focus on key sections of an image and capture them with a correspondingly higher resolution. The system...
  • Manz laser welding for batteries
  • Dr Cynthia Soderblom with the LaVision Ultramicroscope light sheet microscope system in the laboratory of Prof Vance Lemmon at the University of Miami

    Using Light Sheet Microscopy to Help Cure Paralysis

    LaVison BioTec, developers of advanced microscopy solutions for the life sciences, reports on users of its Ultramicroscope Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope system to aid the research of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis under the supervision...
  • Osram LED demonstrator

    Osram's Super-Bright LEDs for Car Headlights

    Experts at Osram Opto Semiconductors will be taking the opportunity offered by the Vision Congress in Paris (14 and 15 October, 2014) to showcase an LED for car headlights which has what they are reporting is a luminance three times that of...
  • NRG Stadium LED Light Photo by Eric KayneInvision for NRGAP Images
  • EMF

    Institute for Manufacturing Innovation Will Focus on Photonics

    CEO of The Optical Society (OSA), Elizabeth Rogan, is at the Evaporated Metal Films (EMF) Corporation’s manufacturing facility in Ithaca, New York (US), today, giving remarks with Congressional and local leaders to promote the importance of...
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