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Energy-Efficient, Optically Rewritable Liquid Crystal 3D Display
  • Stihl piston quality assurance

    Optical Test Method by Framos Ensures Quality Piston Production

    Imaging specialist Framos contributes to optimising products and improving efficiency in production with a new quality assurance solution for pistons that are installed in numerous Stihl products. Headquartered in Germany, Stihl specialises in the...
  • Fraunhofers RFID-Transponders with integrated moisture sensors
  • Leica M530 OH6 with FusionOptics technology

    Leica Microsystems Launches Neurosurgical Microscope

    Leica Microsystems has launched a neurosurgical microscope, the Leica M530 OH6. To enable surgeons to see better into deep, narrow cavities, it is equipped with FusionOptics technology, advanced Small Angle Illumination (SAI) and apochromatic...
  • New 10 euro bill at various wave length ranges
  • Fraunhofer MEMS-based 3D laser scanning technology

    Vision 2014: MEMS-based 3D laser scanning technology

    Fraunhofer researchers have developed a 3D laser scanner with a light-travel time-measurement system based on the human eye and that can focus on key sections of an image and capture them with a correspondingly higher resolution. The system...
  • Manz laser welding for batteries
  • Dr Cynthia Soderblom with the LaVision Ultramicroscope light sheet microscope system in the laboratory of Prof Vance Lemmon at the University of Miami

    Using Light Sheet Microscopy to Help Cure Paralysis

    LaVison BioTec, developers of advanced microscopy solutions for the life sciences, reports on users of its Ultramicroscope Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope system to aid the research of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis under the supervision...
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