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Optical Society Forms its First Local Section in the UK
  • PhD students Giovanni Guccione L and Harry Slatyer examine their gold-coated silver gallium nanowire in the Quantum Optics labs Image Quantum Optics Group, ANU
  • A photograph of the handheld probe

    Deeper Imaging of Melanoma with Hand-Held Device

    A new hand-held device that uses lasers and sound waves may change the way doctors treat and diagnose melanoma, according to a team of researchers from Washington University in St. Louis. The instrument, described in the paper “Handheld...
  • Human Brain Source Wikipedia

    OSA Optics and the Brain Initiative

    The Optical Society (OSA) today announced the formation of a new topical meeting, OSA Optics and the Brain. The meeting will bring together physicists, engineers, neuroscientists and clinicians whose research combines optics and photonics with...
  • National Photonics Initiative

    NSF Seeks Innovative Optics and Photonics Proposals

    The National Photonics Initiative (NPI), an alliance of top scientific societies uniting industry and academia to raise awareness of photonics, is greatly encouraged by the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) recent identification of...
  • Magnolia Solar applies nanostructured designs to III-V and CIGS solar cells

    Nanotechnology for Flexible CIGS and III-V Solar Cells

    Magnolia Solar Corporation announced that it is pioneering the application of nanotechnology for both flexible CIGS and III-V solar cells in order to boost performance and lower costs. Magnolia Solar has developed nanostructured optical coatings...
  • Beamsplitter Prisms
  • OpEx-LED streetlights-image

    Preventing Streetlight Glare in the World of LED Lighting

    Long hours of night-time driving can cause eyestrain because while our vision adapts to the surrounding darkness, the sudden stabs of brightness from streetlamps can be irritating, distracting and even painful. Even as light-emitting diode (LED)...
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  • Olmec UK Bottle Inspection System
  • Hall effect measurement systems characterize novel PV materials
  • The Phasefocus Optical Profiling system in use at Brien Holden Vision Institute, Sydney, Australia

    High-Precision Lens Profiler Measures Contact Lens Thickness

    Phase Focus Ltd reports on how the Brien Holden Vision Institute is applying the Phasefocus high-precision Lens Profiler to assist in the development of new contact lenses. The Brien Holden Vision Institute is located at the University of New South...
  • Josef MadlWinfried Rmer of the University of Freiburg with their JPK NanoWizard system

    The Combined Use of AFM and Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy

    JPK Instruments, a manufacturer of nanoanalytic instrumentation for research in life sciences and soft matter, reports on how researchers at the University of Freiburg is combining the use of AFM and advanced fluorescence microscopy to characterize...
  • LEDs from perovskite Credit Zhi-Kuang Tan

    Perovskite Used to Make Low-Cost LEDs

    Perovskite has been used to make low-cost, easily manufactured LEDs, potentially opening up a wide range of commercial applications in future, such as flexible colour displays. This particular class of semiconducting perovskites have generated...
  • printed pinhole array mask
  • Mediatek Lab

    MediaTek Achieves 480fps HD Slow Motion on Smart Phones

    MediaTek announced the arrival of Super-Slow Motion Technology, a smart-phone camera feature that enables smart phones to create 480 frames per second (fps) 1080p full high-definition (HD) videos and playback at 1/16 speed, according to the...
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