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International Year of Light 2015: Celebrating in Algeria
  • 3D Imaging Technique for Precision Injectable Wrinkle Reducers

    3D Imaging Technique for Precision Injectable Wrinkle Reducers

    A three-dimensional imaging technique often used in the automotive and aerospace industries for accurate measurement may be useful to measure the efficacy of injectable wrinkle reducers such as Botox and Dysport, according to new research from the...
  • Searching for the perfect laser beam
  • A 750-nanometer-long network of gold nanoparticles yellow The colors around the network show where different colors of light are localized Credit2015 ASTAR Institute of Materials Research and Engineering

    Transporting Light with Gold Nanoparticles

    A way to transport highly confined light energy over long distances using extended networks of partially fused gold nanoparticles has been demonstrated by an international team of researchers. This demonstration raises the possibility of new...
  • Brookhaven Lab scientist Kevin Yager left and postdoctoral researcher Pawel Majewski with the new Laser Zone Annealing instrument at the Center for Functional Nanomaterials

    Faster Nanoscale Self-Assembly with Laser Technique

    Nanoscale materials feature extraordinary, billionth-of-a-meter qualities that transform everything from energy generation to data storage. But while a nanostructured solar cell may be fantastically efficient, that precision is notoriously...
  • Professor Michael Grtzel

    Grätzel Demonstrates Perovskite Stability

    Australian dye solar cell specialist Dyesol reports that a research team headed by Professor Michael Grätzel has achieved 1000 hours of stability under light soaking and more than 2000 hours under temperatures of 80–85 degrees Celsius....
  • IBM announces silicon photonics breakthrough

    CLEO 2015: IBM announces milestone in silicon photonics

    IBM announced a significant milestone in the development of silicon photonics technology, which enables silicon chips to use pulses of light instead of electrical signals over wires to move data at rapid speeds and longer distances in future...
  • Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth

    Food Dye, Near Infrared Light to Aid in Breast Resection

    Roughly 1 in 4 women having breast conserving surgery (BCS) return to the surgical suite for further resection because of cancerous tissue left behind due to unclear margins. Investigators at the Optics in Medicine Lab at...
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