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  • Subdiffraction holes in a NHA function as regularly spaced fluorescent point emitters a Schematic depicting nanohole geometry Wide-field epi-illumination green passes through the glass coverslip into a nanohole etched into a layer of aluminum An aqueous s

    Tracking Single Molecules in 3D with Nanoscale Accuracy

    A Stanford University research team, led by W. E. Moerner, extends the work that earned Moerner and colleagues Eric Betzig and Stefan W. Hell the 2014 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Betzig and Moerner pioneered the development of super-resolution...
  • Representation of the orientation of collagen fibers within a tooth sample The samples three-dimensional nanostructure was computed from a large number of separate images recorded by X-ray scattering CT Image Schaff et alNature

    X-Ray Method Uses Scattering to Visualize Nanostructures

    Both in materials science and in biomedical research, it is important to be able to view minute nanostructures, for example in carbon-fiber materials and bones. A team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM; Germany), the University of Lund...
  • 2nd prize for Dr Stefan Hengesbach from Fraunhofer ILTFraunhofer ILT, AachenGermany

    Three Young Researchers Honored with Hugo Geiger Prizes

    At the Munich Science Days, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, along with the Free State of Bavaria, was honoring three young scientists with the Hugo Geiger Prize on 16 November. Commended are theses on energy-efficient semiconductors, powerful diode...
  • Silicon Photonics

    CEA-Lets and Partners Announce Three Silicon Photonic Platforms

    CEA-Leti and its partners in the European FP7 project PLAT4M today announced they have built three silicon photonics platforms. The four-year project, which launched in 2013, aims at building a European-based supply chain in silicon photonics and...
  • Florida State advances LEDs

    Cheaper, High Performing LEDs from Organic-Inorganic Hybrid

    A team of Florida State University materials researchers has developed a new type of light-emitting diode, or LED, using an organic-inorganic hybrid that could lead to cheaper, brighter and mass produced lights and displays in the future. Assistant...
  • Doped quantum well illuminated by a laser beam

    Theory of Resonance Fluorescence Extended to 2D Nanostructures

    Physicists at the University of Southampton in the UK have extended the theory of resonance fluorescence, a classic phenomenon in quantum optics, to 2D nanostructures that have novel light emission properties. The research, titled “Theory of...
  • Display based on lightguide optics can be integrated into lenses and is close to the markets and ready for high-volume applications
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  • Reduced drilling simulation with beam distribution The red line shows the correspondence with the experimental result Photo Fraunhofer ILT

    Laser Process Simulation Available as App

    Software simulating laser material processes predicts what will happen on the workpiece. However, the software is also highly complex and requires significant computing time. Fraunhofer ILT now offers simplified simulation software that calculates...
  • IYL2015 Science Film Festival in Indonesia Goethe-Institut IndonesiaRamos Pane

    IYL 2015: Science Film Festival in Indonesia

    The opening ceremony of the Science Film Festival in Indonesia took place at Plaza Insan Berprestasi, Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Republik Indonesia. The Minister of Culture and Primary and Secondary Education, Anies Baswedan, the...
  • IYL at the Tate

    IYL 2015: Light and dark matters at the Tate Gallery

    On 20-21 November leading artists, scientists, philosophers, theorists and the public come together to debate, share and uncover our contemporary experience of light, dark and dark matter at the Tate Modern Gallery in London (UK). This event is...
  • GalileoMobile in South America
  • Framos implements imaging system for food logistics

    Automating Food Logistics with Imaging

    Price competition in the food trade is extremely tough. This is why efficient processes play an important role, and logistics is no exception. Framos worked with a major food retailer to automate its central warehouse. Framos solutions were...
  • National University of Ireland Galway Celebrates IYL2015

    National University of Ireland Galway Celebrates IYL2015

    The School of Physics at the National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway will host a series of outreach events to coincide with Science Week 2015 in Ireland and the 18th Galway Science and Technology Festival this November.  Events will...
  • Multipix ImagingMVT Win Industrial Vision Award

    Multiplex Imaging and MVT Win Industrial Vision Award

    Multipix Imaging and MVT were the winners of the ‘Most Innovative Machine Vision Project’ award, one of the recently announced PPMA Group Industry Awards for 2015. The project, undertaken by vision technology supplier, Multipix Imaging...
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