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Study Says to Replace Incandescents Now with CFL or LED
  • NPLs Prof Ian Gilmore and Yulia Panina, PhD student at the Francis Crick Institute, with the 3D OrbiSIMS
  • Due to the harsher environmental conditions, plant diversity is lower bluepurple on top of the mountain ridge and higher yelloworange at lower altitudes Credit UZH

    Mapping Functional Diversity of Forests With Remote Sensing

    Productivity and stability of forest ecosystems strongly depend on the functional diversity of plant communities. Researchers have developed a new method to measure and map functional diversity of forests at different scales — from individual...
  • Light in the heart of a semiconductor chip

    When Electronics and Photonics Meet on a Standard Chip

    Electronics and light don’t go well together on a standard ‘CMOS’ chip. Researcher Satadal Dutta of the University of Twente succeeded in introducing a light connection into the heart of a semiconductor chip. In this way, two...
  • After using optoelectronic tweezers to assemble a line of solder beads a, the researchers froze the liquid b and then reduced the pressure so that the frozen liquid turned directly from a solid into a gas, drying out the device c They then heated the bead

    Using Light to Assemble Electronic Components

    An international team of researchers has developed a new light-based manipulation method that could one day be used to mass produce electronic components for smartphones, computers and other devices. A cheaper and faster way to produce these...
  • Artists impression of the sensor comprised of conductive ink printed across a stoma with two micropillars Image Betsy Skrip

    Sensors Printed on Plant Leaves Warn of Water Shortage

    MIT engineers have created sensors that can be printed onto plant leaves and reveal when the plants are experiencing a water shortage. This kind of technology could not only save neglected houseplants but, more importantly, give farmers an early...
  • The sharpest image yet of a red giant star W Hydrae is a few billion years further on than the Sun in its life For comparison, the dotted ring shows the size of the Earths orbit around the Sun, seen from an angle
  • Livecyte Cell Imaging and Analysis
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