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SPIE Photonics Europe, Strasbourg in April
  • LRC evaluates blue light

    Evaluating the Blue-Light Hazard From Solid-State Lighting

    The introduction of solid-state lighting using light-emitting diode (LED) technology has ignited widespread interest in the ways that lighting can offer benefits to people, including improved visibility at night, enhanced perceptions of brightness...
  • A view of light delivery through a citrate-based optical fiber Credit D ShanC ZhangPenn State

    Safe Optical Fiber for Delivering Light and Drugs Into Body

    In Penn State's Materials Research Institute, an electrical engineer and a biomaterials engineer have joined their expertise to develop a flexible, biodegradable optical fiber to deliver light into the body for medical applications. The ability...
  • 3D Microscopy Gives More Accurate Cancer Diagnosis

    3D Microscopy Gives More Accurate Cancer Diagnosis

    A novel microscopy technique to examine tumor tissue in three dimensions can more accurately diagnose cancer than current two-dimensional methods, according to a study conducted at Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden....
  • Nobel Prize in Physics

    Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017 for Cryo-Electron Microscopy

    The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017 to Jacques Dubochet University of Lausanne, Switzerland; Joachim Frank Columbia University, New York, USA; and Richard Henderson MRC Laboratory...
  • Nobel Prize in Physics

    Gravitational Waves Work Wins 2017 Nobel Prize

    On 14 September 2015, the universe's gravitational waves were observed for the very first time. The waves, which were predicted by Albert Einstein a hundred years ago, came from a collision between two black holes. It took 1.3 billion years for...
  • Researchers have learned to control the index of refraction in organic thin films made out of DNA Image Credit Kyunghwan Oh, Yonsei University

    DNA: The next hot material in photonics?

    Using DNA from salmon, researchers in South Korea hope to make better biomedical and other photonic devices based on organic thin films. Often used in cancer treatments and health monitoring, thin films have all the capabilities of silicon-based...
  • A paper submitted by the research team was published in the scientific journal Nature Materials on September 25

    Supercomputer Uses Light-Matter Magic Dust

    A team of scientists working in the United Kingdom and Russia, led by Greek physicist Pavlos G. Lagoudakis and Professor Natalia Berloff, are working on the development of a new type of supercomputer that uses a sort of “magic dust”...
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  • Photonex 2017 Laser Components product qualifies for automotive industry
  • Hercules NIL from EVG

    Nanoimprint Lithography Solution for 3D Optical Structures

    EV Group (EVG), a supplier of wafer bonding and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets, and SwissLitho, a manufacturer of nanolithography tools, have announced a joint solution to enable the production of 3D...
  • InnoLas Solutions new customer application and RD center in Gilching, Germany
  • Fast and Intrinsically Safe Storage Tank Monitoring with FLIR GFx320 optical gas imaging camera

    Fast and Intrinsically Safe Storage Tank Monitoring

    FLIR Systems has published an application note that describes how a Belgian storage tank inspection company is using the FLIR GFx320 optical gas imaging camera to monitor for fugitive emissions in hazardous locations. Tank storage companies cannot...
  • Alzheimers research at RPI

    RPI Receives $1.5 million Grant to Study Alzheimer's

    We know Alzheimer’s as a brutal disease that dismantles our loved ones and condemns them to death. But science and engineering researchers look inside the disease to identify early warning signs and develop the imaging techniques to see them,...
  • Teledyne Dalsa Produces Line Scan Polarization Camera

    Teledyne Dalsa Produces Line Scan Polarization Camera

    Machine vision specialist Teledyne Dalsa, a Teledyne Technologies company, has announced the addition of the new polarization camera to its Piranha family.  First announced in Q2 2017, the Piranha4 polarization camera is now in full...
  • Thermal Imaging Assists Sports and Exercise Science Research

    Thermal Imaging Assists Sports and Exercise Science Research

    The Department of Sport and Exercise Science at Portsmouth University, UK, reports on the advantages of using FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras for measuring skin temperature at rest, during exercise and recovery. Skin temperature is an...
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