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First Hologram of Single Photon Marks Dawn of Quantum Holography
  • Kennesaw State researchers develop third-generation solar cells
  • MHP show great promise for solar cells

    Monitoring Growth of Metal Halide Perovskite Crystals

    As climate change garners more attention around the world, scientists at the University of Virginia and Cornell University have made critical advances in understanding the physical properties of an emerging class of solar cells that have the...
  • Remote-Controlled Microrobots for Medical Operations

    Remote-Controlled Microrobots for Medical Operations

    For the past few years, scientists around the world have been studying ways to use miniature robots to better treat a variety of diseases. The robots are designed to enter the human body, where they can deliver drugs at specific locations or...
  • Looking at brain temperature

    Optical Fiber Probe Improves Measurement of Brain Temperature

    The brain is the most temperature-sensitive organ in the body. Even small deviations in brain temperature are capable of producing profound effects—including behavioral changes, cell toxicity, and neuronal cell death. The problem faced by...
  • Assistant Professor Kasper Jensen in the Quantop research groups laboratories at the Niels Bohr Institute where the experiments are carried out Photo Ola Jakup Joensen
  • An illustration showing how the Window to the Brain transparent skull implant created by UC Riverside researchers would work

    Scientists Closer to Developing Therapeutic Window to Brain

    Researchers at the University of California, Riverside are bringing their idea for a ‘Window to the Brain’ transparent skull implant closer to reality through the findings of two studies that are forthcoming in the journals Lasers in...
  • Kennesaw State researchers develop third-generation solar cells
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  • 3D solar cells capture light from all angles
  • FLIR optical gas imaging technology at work

    Infrared Cameras Monitor Manufacturing Operations

    FLIR Systems GF-Series infrared cameras are being used by chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and many other manufacturing industries worldwide to ensure that existing air quality or internal systems for removing chemicals are...
  • Renishaw inVia

    Confocal Raman Microscope Monitors Blood in Plastic Bags

    The Michael Smith Laboratories at the University of British Columbia, Canada, is leading the way in the use of Raman spectroscopy as a tool for monitoring biochemical changes and inter-donor variability in stored red blood cell (RBC) units. The...
  • The Quorum PP3000T cryo-SEM prep system mounted on a JEOL SEM at the Diamond Light Source
  • Edinburgh International Conference Centre

    Insights on Photonics Opportunities in Sensing, Security

    Industry leaders at an all-day event in Edinburgh on 28 September will offer insight on opportunities for new end-use applications resulting from the rapid emergence of innovative dual-use technologies in the defence, security, and...
  • Stemmer Imaging Training in the UK

    Stemmer Imaging Offers Free Hyperspectral Imaging Training

    Stemmer Imaging’s new dedicated UK Customer Centre at its Tongham offices is devoted to customer activities and will host a free hyperspectral imaging training day on 5 July 2016. The completely refurbished 2-storey building not only...
  • Users at POSTECH discuss results from their JPK NanoWizard AFM system

    Medical Diagnostics Assisted by Atomic Force Microscopy

    JPK Instruments, a manufacturer of nanoanalytic instrumentation for research in life sciences and soft matter, reports on the use of their NanoWizard AFM and ForceRobot systems at the Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) in Korea....
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