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  • Fiber-Optic Technology for Transmission of Acoustic Signals

    Fiber-Optic Technology for Transmission of Acoustic Signals

    Groundbreaking technology for the transmission of acoustic signals, designed for use in fully implantable hearing aids, has been successfully tested for the first time. The technology is based on completely contact-free fibre-optic technology,...
  • A sample hologram with 50 randomly distributed neuron targets spanning a region 500 microns square and 250 microns deep

    Editing Brain Activity with Holography

    What if we could edit the sensations we feel; paste in our brain pictures that we never saw, cut out unwanted pain or insert non-existent scents into memory? UC Berkeley neuroscientists are building the equipment to do just that, using holographic...
  • New method for tissue detection
  • Photo NASASDOAIAGoddard Space Flight Center

    High-Powered Laser Enables Study of Solar Flares from Earth

    Solar flares, cosmic radiation, and the northern lights are well known phenomena. But exactly how their enormous energy arises is not as well understood. Now, physicists at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, have discovered a new way...
  • Ocular Lasers Bring Supermans Laser Vision Closer to Reality
  • Hairy skin of a mouse with the nerve cells of interest in green, surrounding the mouses hair follicles in light green Red marks other nerves, and blue marks the nuclei of other cells not nerve cells, for example skin cells

    Managing Neuropathic Pain with Light

    Imagine that the movement of a single hair on your arm causes severe pain. For patients with neuropathic pain – a chronic illness affecting 7 to 8% of the European population, with no effective treatment – this can be a daily...
  • This artistic rendering magnifies a electro-optic modulatorVirginia Commonwealth University imageNathaniel Kinsey
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  • Tag-it Tech and TrueTag team up
  • Report on LED Horticultural Lighting Systems

    Report on LED Horticultural Lighting Systems

    The Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has published a new report on the energy and economic performance of LED horticultural luminaires. The LRC evaluated key factors such as power demand, life-cycle cost, luminaire...
  • LightWave Stripper

    High-Tech Infrared Paint Stripping

    Restoration Works Inc. has developed an environmentally friendly method of paint stripping called the Light Wave Stripper. This method utilizes advanced infrared technology, and is revolutionizing the way old paint coatings can be removed. By...
  • Kettering University Vehicle

    University Teams Prepare for Autonomous Competition

    Student teams from eight select universities will soon participate in the inaugural AutoDrive Challenge, organized by SAE International and General Motors. Hosted at GM’s Desert Proving Grounds in Yuma, Arizona April 30 through May 5, teams...
  • FLIR HeliPod Imaging System used in the field

    Thermal Imaging Tracks Crop Canopy Temperature

    Australian researchers developed a high resolution aerial thermography solution for the rapid measurement of crop canopy temperature in the field. The CSIRO research demonstrates how canopy temperature is a strong indicator of how well a plant is...
  • European Particle Accelerator Community Publishes APAE Brochure
  • Zeiss Symposium
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