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Ophthalmic Imaging Captures Disc Shedding in Living Eye
  • Neuroscience 2016

    Neuroscience 2016 Focus on Zika, Autism and Alzheimer's

    Neuroscience 2016 will feature new research on hot topics such as the neuroscience of emotion and social behavior, how sensory experience guides brain development, the Zika virus, and the potential therapeutic benefits of marijuana. The meeting...
  • GLAUrious project

    Frankfurt Laser Participates in the GLAUrious Project

    The GLAUrious Project, part of the Horizon 2020 Project promoted by the European Union, is funded with 2.5 Million Euro. The purpose of the project is the development and validation of a commercial laser device for first-line treatment of Glaucoma....
  • Cobiophad

    Biophotonic Allergy Detector to Beat Penicillin Deaths

    Sufferers of hypersensitivity to common antibiotics like penicillin and amoxicillin will soon find help with a new allergy detector, a low-cost, bio-photonic device that will be 6 times faster and 100 times more efficient than current...
  • Looking at comet dust with MIDAS

    Atomic Force Microscope Looks at Origins of the Universe

    Comet dust from the Rosetta mission is providing insights into the origins of our Solar System. A research project focussing on the dust, which is supported by the Austrian Science Fund FWF and being carried at the Space Research Institute (IWF) of...
  • RadarCat Identifies Materials and Objects in Real Time

    RadarCat Identifies Materials and Objects in Real Time

    A revolutionary piece of technology, created by researchers at the University of St Andrews, Scotland (UK), can detect what an object is by placing it on a small radar sensor. The device, called RadarCat (Radar Categorisation for Input and...
  • Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Ohsumi in lab
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  • Borealis
  • Time-Resolved Microscopy and Spectroscopy Course
  • DENSO vision sensing

    DENSO Improves Performance of In-vehicle Vision Sensors

    DENSO Corporation today announced that the image sensors provided by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation has helped DENSO improve the performance of its in-vehicle vision sensors and can now detect pedestrians during night conditions....
  • Human Eye Source Wikipedia

    Artificial Vision Device May Help Legally Blind People Read

    A unique wearable artificial vision device may help people who are legally blind "read" and recognize faces. It may also help these individuals accomplish everyday tasks with significantly greater ease than using traditional assistive...
  • BallProbe

    MarqMetrix and Hellma Bring Raman Spectroscopy to the Classroom

    Historically, instruction surrounding Raman spectroscopy required large and expensive pieces of equipment. Not something that every university would have available in the chemistry lab. In the last few years, MarqMetrix has developed the TouchRaman...
  • Laser combi-head for cutting and joining as well as additive manufacturing by means of laser metal deposition

    Lasers Help Cars Lose Weight

    Lightweight construction concepts have become an indispensable part of today's production technology. The automobile industry, for example, uses press-hardened and ultra-high strength steels with a tensile strength of up to 2,000 MPa in car...
  • Dr Nicolas Renier from the Rockefeller University, NY, with results from his LaVision BioTec UltraMicroscope light sheet microscope

    Measuring Brain Activity with a Single Snapshot

    LaVison BioTec, developers of advanced microscopy solutions for the life sciences, report on the latest work of Nicolas Renier, a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the laboratory of Marc Tessier-Lavigne at the Rockefeller University in New York where he...
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