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  • Technologists John Kelton retired, left, and Daniel Ray perform inspections of the falling-particle receiver during a cloud delay atop the National Solar Thermal Test Facilitys Solar Tower at Sandia National Laboratories Photo by Randy Montoya

    Sandia Competes on High Temp Concentrated Solar Power Plant

    Sandia National Laboratories will receive $10.5 million from the Department of Energy to research and design a cheaper and more efficient solar energy system. The work focuses on refining a specific type of utility-scale solar energy technology...
  • Single Microcomb Could Replace Multiple Lasers

    Single Microcomb Could Replace Multiple Lasers

    Every time we send an email, a tweet or stream a video, we rely on laser light to transfer digital information over a complex network of optical fibers. Dozens of high-performance lasers are needed to fill up the bandwidth and to squeeze...
  • Coating Free-Form Surfaces of Large Optical Components

    Coating Free-Form Surfaces of Large Optical Components

    The business unit Precision Coatings at the Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology (FEP) has special expertise in developing deposition processes for high-precision coating systems on optical components....
  • Professor Alfonso Ngan and Dr Kwan Kin-wa introduce the new actuating material powered by light Credit Copyright The University of Hong Kong

    Future Robots Need No Motors

    To develop micro- and biomimetic robots, artificial muscles and medical devices, actuating materials that can reversibly change their volume under various stimuli are researched in the past thirty years to replace traditional bulky and heavy...

    Liquid Crystal Shells Enable Autonomous Applications

    Research led by scientists from the University of Luxembourg has shown the potential of liquid crystal shells as enabling material for a vast array of future applications, ranging from autonomous driving to anti-counterfeiting technology and a new...
  • Malaria Screening Instrument Exploits Magnetic Properties of Parasite Byproduct
  • This is a graphic about improving OLED on the nanoscale Credit Joan Rafols Rib UAB and Paul Anton Will TU Dresden

    Brighter, More Durable OLED

    Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) truly have matured enough to allow for first commercial products in form of small and large displays. In order to compete in further markets and even open new possibilities (automotive lighting, head-mounted...
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  • Lake Shore
  • Vertical farming with OLED lighting system

    OLED Could Boost Vertical Farm Effiency by 20%

    The energy efficiency of vertical farms could soon be boosted by as much as 20%, thanks to a new system developed by a student from Brunel University London. vFarm, by design student Jonny Reader, 21, uses OLEDs – organic...
  • CXP Frame Grabber
  • JUICE mission artists impression courtesy ESA

    Optical Surfaces to Unlock Secrets of Jupiter's Icy Moons

    Optical Surfaces Ltd. (OSL) announces selection by Hensoldt Optronics GmbH, formerly Airbus (Oberkochen, Germany) to supply key precision optics for optical testing the Ganymede Laser Altimeter (GALA), one of 10 scientific instruments on-board the...
  • Tag-it Tech and TrueTag team up
  • Report on LED Horticultural Lighting Systems

    Report on LED Horticultural Lighting Systems

    The Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has published a new report on the energy and economic performance of LED horticultural luminaires. The LRC evaluated key factors such as power demand, life-cycle cost, luminaire...
  • LightWave Stripper

    High-Tech Infrared Paint Stripping

    Restoration Works Inc. has developed an environmentally friendly method of paint stripping called the Light Wave Stripper. This method utilizes advanced infrared technology, and is revolutionizing the way old paint coatings can be removed. By...
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