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Industrial Fiber Laser Processing Head From Coherent

A new lightweight, compact processing head from the Coherent division formerly known as LASAG is optimized for industrial laser applications where space is limited and minimum mass is required. 

Specifically, the new FLBK40 is a modular beam delivery system, including a variety of collimators, focusing lenses, cameras, camera adapters and an IR illuminator, that can be rapidly configured by the user as needed to deliver optimum performance for a wide range of fiber laser-based cutting, welding or drilling applications. 

The FLBK40 system includes four different focal length collimators with QB connectors to ensure that the head can be matched to the output characteristics of virtually any fiber laser. Plus, six different sets of focusing optics (four for welding and two for cutting) enable focusing at a number of different spot size and working distance combinations. The integrated IR illumination and camera options provide good visibility of the work surface independent of the ambient light conditions. 

The FLBK40 weighs only 1.1 kg in its smallest configuration and is built on a robust, ergonomic and industry proven design. The system is intended to deliver maximum precision and flexibility in various high-precision, fiber laser materials processing uses in medical, electronics, watch and other micro applications.

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