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At LightFair 2018 being held this week at McCormick Place, Fulham will demonstrate its new elitePOE suite of Power over Ethernet (PoE) LED engines and control software. The new PoE family currently includes a customizable PoE light engine, a 22-inch PoE-powered LED engine, a programmable output PoE Driver, and new control system software for Windows. Fulham will be demonstrating its new PoE products at LightFair Booth 602.

Fulham’s Vizion PoE light engine is a programmable PoE driver that can be integrated into a variety of form factors. Designed to support-two-way digital communications, the customizable Vizion PoE Light Engine connects directly to the luminaire rather than issuing commands through a 0-10V interface. The two-way link not only can issue lighting control commands such as on/off, dimming, color tuning, and timed lighting, it also can gather data about luminaire performance, including power consumption, operating temperature, and when the luminaire is ready to fail.

The PoE light engine can be designed to fit the specific shape and functionality desired by an OEM, including multiple controls channels, white color tuning and integrated sensors.  The design supports daisy chaining additional modules or luminaires up to the maximum 60W power budget of the 802.3bt compliant PoE interface.

In addition to two-way communication, PoE powers LED luminaries with up to 52W of low-voltage DC power source. This makes the luminaire more energy efficient and less costly since no AC/DC conversion drivers are required. Using PoE to power LED luminaires also simplifies installation since only one cable is needed for both power and controls.

Fulham also is showing the Vizion 22-inch linear LED engine, a self-contained PoE lighting solution with programmable dimming and color tuning. The engine has on-board PoE support for power and two-way communications for commissioning and lighting controls.

Fulham is also demonstrating a PoE Driver that is programmed to support 250-1200mA output current and 10-40 VDC.  This will enable manufacturers to easily convert a wide range of luminaires to support Power over Ethernet.

To support its new PoE products, Fulham has developed the elitePoE control system software in coordination with amBX. The Windows-based application provides networked control over PoE luminaires, including issuing programming commands and monitoring. The software is available from Fulham or can be licensed for OEM branding.

Using Ethernet cable to connect luminaires will make it easier to accommodate high-bandwidth sensors such as IP cameras, as well as monitoring room temperature, occupancy, and supporting building automation functions. In addition, PoE wiring gives each LED luminaire a unique IP address, making it easier to incorporate lighting into an Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, including remote management over the web.

Fulham’s PoE products will be demonstrated at LightFair 2018 in Booth 602. 

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