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Matrox Updates Supersight Solo High-Performance Computing Platform

Matrox Imaging has announced a series of updates to the Matrox Supersight Solo high performance computing (HPC) platform, notably a new system host board (SHB) that improves computing performance. Matrox Supersight Solo was designed to simplify system configuration, allowing OEMs and integrators to use Matrox frame grabbers in a validated PC from a single vendor.

Within this lifecycle-managed platform, components are selected for consistent long-term availability, so OEMs can maximize return on original investment while delivering continuous product offerings. 

Enhanced flexibility

Designed to deliver image-acquisition flexibility and exceptional performance, the Matrox Supersight Solo supports image-acquisition boards for all major interfaces, including Camera Link, Camera Link HS, CoaXPress, DisplayPort, DVI, GigE Vision, HDMI, SDI and analog. OEMs and developers thus have the liberty to use any Matrox frame grabbers to interface to any camera type and utilize multi-core CPU, GPU, and FPGA technology for intensive image capture and processing tasks — all within one platform.

Maximized computational density

Matrox Supersight Solo features a new chassis to optimize compute density, with space for up to 13 full-length, full-height PCIe 2.0 boards to suit a wide range of image-acquisition requirements. 

Backed by imaging library

Matrox Supersight Solo is fully supported by Matrox Imaging Library (MIL), an established collection of software tools for developing industrial imaging applications.

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