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Measuring Ultrashort Pulses with IQFROG

The IQFROG pulse analyzer from Coherent Solutions (distributed by Laser Components) can be used to measure the intensity and phase of optical pulses in both spectral and temporal domains, giving a complete pulse characterization. It is based on the principle of frequency-resolved optical gating (spectrally resolved SHG autocorrelation) which allows sub-picosecond resolution since it is not limited by the response time of the detector. 

Thanks to its long delay arm and high-resolution spectrometer, the IQFROG is able to measure a wide range of optical pulses lengths: from 300 fs up to 50 ps for chirped pulses. The software recovers all the characteristics of the pulse, including pulse shape, spectrum, chirp and group delay. 

The IQFROG is available in 1.0 μm and 1.5 μm wavelength versions. The 1-μm version is a tool suited for seed laser pulse characterization in chirped pulse amplification (CPA), while the 1.5-μm version is suitable for C & L band telecom applications. In both versions a connectorized fiber input makes coupling of the beam easy and eliminates need for manual alignment.

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