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MicroNIR Transmission Fixture

Viavi Solutions introduces the MicroNIR Transmission Fixture, a compact fixture used for the transmission analysis of liquids and/or thin filters and films. The MicroNIR Transmission Fixture is one of several new fit-for-purpose sampling accessories for the MicroNIR spectrometer, offering real-time analysis and more advanced Near Infrared applications in the field.

The Transmission Fixture was developed to easily and quickly measure liquid samples performing real-time analysis of product quality attributes or nutritional information. Applications of liquid NIRs include dairy, beverage, edible oils, chemicals, petrochemicals and many others.

The MicroNIR Transmission Fixture features an integrated tungsten lamp and can accommodate industry standard cuvettes with 0.5-10 mm path lengths. The fixture also features a filter slot for the transmission of thin films and filters that are up to 3mm thick.

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