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Multi-Wavelength Laser Engine Simplifies OEM Life Sciences Instrumentation

Coherent has released a new family of flexible laser light engines, the OBIS CellX series, that delivers up to four separate laser wavelengths from a single module, thereby lowering the complexity and overall cost of laser integration in multi-wavelength life sciences instruments, such as flow cytometers. 

Specifically, OBIS CellX is a compact, one-box source in which the lasers, electronic control and beam conditioning optics are all completely integrated in a single package. The CellX features a single controller board, common power and RS232/USB connections, and a single I/O connector. Flexibility and utility are further enhanced by providing independent customer adjustment of the pointing and focus of each wavelength, allowing the TEM00 outputs to be aligned and positioned as needed for each specific instrument.  

CellX is based on Coherent’s OBIS plug and play smart platform. It is available in two standard formats — a three-channel version with outputs at 405, 488 and 640 nm, and as a four-channel engine that also includes 561 nm. Beam parameters are suited for flow cytometry, and CellX offers a choice of either 50 mW or 100 mW output power per wavelength, suiting cell analysis as well as the higher powers needed for cell sorting. In addition, optical accessories are available that convert the CellX output into the focused, elliptical spots typically needed for flow cytometry. Customers can also easily generate flexible stripe patterns aligned to their flow cell using CellX laser-safe adjustments.

OBIS CellX is targeted at instrument manufacturers that need to incorporate multiple lasers together with their associated infrastructure and beam delivery.  CellX is an integrated off-the-shelf solution, yet custom beam configurations and alternative wavelength combinations are also available for multi-unit orders.

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