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Hercules NIL from EVG

EV Group (EVG), a supplier of wafer bonding and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets, and SwissLitho, a manufacturer of nanolithography tools, have announced a joint solution to enable the production of 3D structures down to the single-nanometer scale. 

Initially demonstrated within the Single Nanometer Manufacturing for Beyond CMOS Devices (SNM) project, the joint solution involves SwissLitho's novel NanoFrazor thermal scanning probe lithography system to produce master templates with 3D structures for nanoimprint lithography (NIL), and EVG's Hercules NIL system with SmartNIL technology to replicate those structures at high throughput. 

Target applications

EVG and SwissLitho will initially target the joint solution for developing diffractive optical elements and other related optical components that support photonics, data communications, augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) and other applications, with the potential to expand into biotechnology, nanofluidics and other nanotechnology applications.

As part of the joint solution, SwissLitho's NanoFrazor system will be used to create imprint masters. Compared with conventional approaches, including electron beam (e-beam) and grayscale lithography, the novel technology has the ability to print 3D structures more accurately. EVG's Hercules NIL system will then be used to create working templates for production use, cost-effectively and at high throughput, using the company's large-area nanoimprint SmartNIL technology. 

A closer look at the technologies

Thermal scanning probe lithography, the technology behind the NanoFrazor, was invented at IBM Research in Zurich and acquired by SwissLitho. This maskless, direct-write lithography approach involves spin-coating a unique, thermally sensitive resist onto the sample surface before patterning. A heated ultra-sharp tip is then used to decompose and evaporate the resist locally while simultaneously inspecting the written nanostructures. The resulting arbitrary resist pattern can then be transferred into almost any other material using lift-off, etching, plating, molding or other methodologies.

The Hercules NIL combines EVG's expertise in NIL, resist processing and high-volume manufacturing solutions into a single integrated system that offers throughput of up to 40 wph for 200-mm wafers. The system's configurable, modular platform accommodates a variety of imprint materials and structure sizes, giving customers greater flexibility in addressing manufacturing needs. In addition, its ability to fabricate multiple-use soft stamps helps extend the lifetime of master imprint templates.

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