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NIR-MX800-LN intensity modulator from iXBlue

Laser Components is offering the NIR-MX800-LN intensity modulator from iXBlue.

This modulator has a new microwave electrode design that has significantly increased the electro-optic bandwidth (typ. >25 GHz), according to the company. Moreover, the 50-ohm impedance of the electrode provides increased electrical efficiency with a lower electrical return loss (-20 dB typ. for the range 0-10 GHz). This new electrical design is combined with the modulator’s stability and optical power handling capability. 

iXBlue has also extended the range of wavelengths available with the introduction of a device suitable for 950 nm. The existing range of modulators also covers the 1-micron, 1310-nm, 1500-nm and 2-micron bands with both intensity and phase modulators. 

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