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High-Power Laser Diodes

OSI Laser Diode, Inc. (LDI), an OSI Systems Company, will be showcasing two high-power pulsed laser diode modules, specially designed for optical spectrum analyzers (OSA) and optical time domain reflectometers (OTDR), at the upcoming OFC Conference in OSI’s booth #2754, March 21 - 23, 2017, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  The SCW 1632-350R and the SCW 1532-500R are specially designed for optical test equipment applications where high-peak-pulsed optical power is required.  The high-power devices are housed in 14-pin butterfly packages, optically coupled to SMF fiber pigtails. 

The SCW 1632-350R features a typical center wavelength of 1625 nm and optical power of 275 mW (min.) and 350 mW (typ.). The SCW 1532-500R features a typical center wavelength of 1550 nm and optical power of 400 mW (min.) and 500 mW (typ.). Both devices are RoHS compliant.

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