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OFC 2018 High-power pulsed lasers from OSI Laser Diode

OSI Laser Diode, an OSI Systems Company, will showcase the SCW 1430 series of high-power pulsed laser modules for optical test equipment applications at OFC, 13–15 March 2018, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California (US), in booth #4730. The devices are specially designed for use in an optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) and for optical-time-division reflectometry (OTDR) tasks, or in other precision instruments and applications where high-peak-pulsed optical power is needed. 

The SCW 1430 series features high stability and pulse drift performance. The Al RWG F/P modules operate at 1490 nm, typically with a minimum at 1470 nm and a maximum at 1510 nm. OSI LDI’s high-power pulsed laser diode modules are available in four different packaging options: 14-pin dual in-line (DIP), 14-pin butterfly, coaxial and TO56 cans. 

The laser modules feature optical power (fiber) at no less than 100 mW with the minimum optical power for TO56 at 300 mW. The forward drive current is typically 500 mA to a maximum of 1000 mA. The threshold current is 35 mA, typically and forward voltage ranges from 2 to 5 V.

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