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The Optical Society‘s (OSA) Corporate Associates Program announced the launch of its new Enabled by Optics campaign today. The program is designed to raise the awareness of the importance of optics and photonics technology to the general public. The campaign will emphasise the role optics has played in furthering innovation and the impact it has on everyday life.

The first phase of the launch will include an “Enabled by Optics” contest, which will promote optics as an enabling technology by featuring its lesser-known role in products widely used by the general public. The contest will include two submission tracks: one for companies and another for college and graduate students. Companies from the optics and photonics industry will have the opportunity to submit a whitepaper that highlights how their technology impacts the public. Students can submit a video entry that demonstrates how optical technology plays a key part in making a commonly used product work. The winning entries will be promoted as part of the overall campaign and in a consumer-focused video production.

“As professionals in the optics business, we know optics and photonics are critical parts of the products we use every day: from optical fibres at the heart of communications networks, to laser surgery, to cameras and high-resolution displays in our smart phones,” said OSA Corporate Associates Committee Chair George Bayz of Synopsys, Inc. “The Enabled by Optics campaign aims to take this knowledge beyond our immediate community and help us shine a light on optics as an enabling technology. We’re looking forward to sharing the great work being done in the corporate optics community around the world.”

The annual contest will provide the foundation for a future online library accessible to policy makers, educators, consumers and students. This resource will be used to further educate audiences about the far-reaching impact of optics on everyday life.

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