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Prism Awards 2016

The Prism Awards, held each year at Photonics West, are a celebration of the best in the light technologies industries. Over 130 applications were received for design and technology; novelty and innovation; need, market opportunity, and impact. Judges completed two rounds of scoring and a final review, resulting in the top 3 finalists in each of the following categories:

Biomedical Instrumentation

Avotec, Real Eye Nano

Biodesy, Biodesy Delta

Convergent Dental, Solea

Imaging and Cameras

First Light Imaging, C-RED One

Rochester Precision Optics, CMOS Night Observation Device

Stream Technologies, ColorFlow Lens

Optics and Optical Components

Boulder Nonlinear Systems, Liquid Crystal Polarization Gratings

GLOphotonics, Kagome Hollow Fiber

OZ Optics, Directional Fiber Optic Power Monitors

Detectors and Sensors

Alakai Defense Systems, Portable Raman Improvised Explosive Detector

Hamamatsu, MEMS-FPi Spectrum Sensor

Spectral Engines, Wireless IR analyser

Displays and Lighting

Crystal IS, Optan SMD

Dolby, Christie, Necsel, Dolby Vision Cinema Laser Projector

QD Laser, Retinal Imaging Laser Eyewear

Industrial Lasers

Coherent, Diamond J-3 5 um CO Laser

LightFab, LightFab 3D Printer

Onefive, Katana 06 HP

Materials and Coatings

Element Six, Diamond PureOptics

Nanoco, Cadmium Free Quantum Dots

Shasta Crystals, All Crystalline Cladded Single Crystal Fibers

Other Metrology Instrumentation

4D Technology, FlexCam

Neaspec, nano-FTIR

PI (Physik Instrumente), Fast Multichannel Photonics Alignment

Scientific Lasers

KM Labs, High Harmonic Generation XUUS4

Lasertel, Laser Diode Arrays

Lytid, TeraCascade

The Prism Awards ceremony takes place Wednesday 17 February from 6 to 10 p.m. This year’s presenters include Leo Baldwin of GoPro, Tom Mader of Amazon Lab126, Christoph Fark of Schott, Nicoletta Casanova, CEO of Femtoprint, Mike Jellen, President of Veoldyne Libdar, and Rosalie Clemens of ASE Optics.

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