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PIX4life is a European Pilot line that offers photonic integrated circuits for biophotonics and life-sciences applications. After two successfull years of internal development, the pilot line is now offering its services to a limited set of external users on an open access way.

The PIX4life pilot line gathers the complete value chain required for a concept to become a reality, from design, to manufacturing, characterization, and packaging of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). Since PIX4life focuses on PIC technology in the visible and short near-infrared, this technology is well suited to address the needs of numerous applications, such as for bio- and life-sciences.

Since late 2017, interested users can apply for open-access to the pilot line services. The ‘early access‘ of these users to the service offerings is subject to an internal selection procedure, to promote the realisation of promising life science concepts into prototypes.

PIX4life offers open-access to several multi-project wafer runs or MPWs, where fabrications costs and wafer space are shared amongst participating users. These MPWs are organized for different technology platforms at two different Silicon Nitride PICs foundries.

PIX4life is a Pilot line within the European initiative H2020 which aims to develop the complete value chain for Silicon Nitride photonic integrated circuits operating on the visible wavelenght range for life-science applications.

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