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OmniCure AC8150P-HD, AC8225P-HD and AC8300P-HD

Photonic solutions provider Excelitas Technologies will showcase its latest OmniCure UV LED curing solutions at the RadTech UV+EB 2018 Technology Expo and Conference in Chicago, Illinois (US), 7–9 May 2018. Excelitas’ director of product management, UV curing, Mike Kay, will also present a session entitled, “Improved Curing Solutions with LED Wavelengths below 365nm,” during the conference’s UV LED I track on Tuesday, 8 May at 1:15 p.m.  

Products on display at Excelitas’ RadTech UV+EB Booth #308

  • New OmniCure AC8-HD (high dose) series of UV LED curing systems: Offering higher optical power and performance in the same air-cooled mechanical enclosure as its AC8 and AC9 predecessors, the AC8-HD delivers more than 50% more dose with unprecedented optical uniformity. Excelitas’ patented control technology for addressing individual UV LED modules enables tight irradiation across the UV-emitting length as well as between heads. The light source is designed for large-area curing of inks, adhesives and coatings in medical, industrial, electronics manufacturing, wood coating, touch panel/display, solar panel, conformal coating, automotive and print applications.
  • OmniCure LX500 UV LED spot curing system: Available in either two- or four-LED-head system configurations with up to 16 W/cm2 peak irradiance, the LX500 provides optical stability via Intelli-Lamp LED technology for repeatable device assembly and reduced costs. OmniCure LX500 is designed for use in medical devices such as catheters, cannulas, endoscopes and syringes; electronics such as OPU, smartphones and tablets; and general-purpose small-component applications such as bonding and coatings.
  • OmniCure AC5 series UV LED systems: Designed for small-area curing with a combination of high-output LEDs and custom optics, OmniCure AC550/P and AC575/P air-cooled curing systems provide high irradiance (14 W/cm2), enabling manufacturers to achieve outstanding productivity. P versions of the AC5 series have enhanced optics to optimize the dose for short working distances along with a removable window for easy cleaning to support print applications. AC5 systems are designed to cure inks, adhesives and coatings in print, industrial and electronics manufacturing applications. 
  • OmniCure AC9 series UV LED curing systems: The design of OmniCure AC9 UV LED systems includes a high-performing, compact form-factor, air-cooled solution to enable faster line speeds in industrial manufacturing and printing. AC9150, AC9150P, AC9225, AC9225P, AC9300 and AC9300P UV LED curing systems feature advanced front-end optics to provide high power, high peak irradiance of more than 14 W/cm2, and uniformity for fast curing of inks, adhesives and coatings.

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