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LRC evaluates blue light
A view of light delivery through a citrate-based optical fiber Credit D ShanC ZhangPenn State
  • LRC evaluates blue light
  • A view of light delivery through a citrate-based optical fiber Credit D ShanC ZhangPenn State
  • 3D Microscopy Gives More Accurate Cancer Diagnosis

    3D Microscopy Gives More Accurate Cancer Diagnosis

    A novel microscopy technique to examine tumor tissue in three dimensions can more accurately diagnose cancer than current two-dimensional methods, according to a study conducted at Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University...
  • Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Nobel Prize in Physics

    Gravitational Waves Work Wins 2017 Nobel Prize

    On 14 September 2015, the universe's gravitational waves were observed for the very first time. The waves, which were predicted by Albert Einstein a hundred years ago, came from a collision between two black holes. It took...
  • Researchers have learned to control the index of refraction in organic thin films made out of DNA Image Credit Kyunghwan Oh, Yonsei University

    DNA: The next hot material in photonics?

    Using DNA from salmon, researchers in South Korea hope to make better biomedical and other photonic devices based on organic thin films. Often used in cancer treatments and health monitoring, thin films have all the capabilities...
  • A paper submitted by the research team was published in the scientific journal Nature Materials on September 25

    Supercomputer Uses Light-Matter Magic Dust

    A team of scientists working in the United Kingdom and Russia, led by Greek physicist Pavlos G. Lagoudakis and Professor Natalia Berloff, are working on the development of a new type of supercomputer that uses a sort of...
  • Time Limit for Super-Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells
  • Washable, Stretchable Organic Photovoltaics for Wearable Electronics
  • The concoction of light with water and oxygen molecules leads to substantial defect-healing in metal halide perovskite semiconductors CREDIT Dr Matthew T Klug
  • Dr Birgit Stiller l and Moritz Merklein r at the University of Sydney Nanoscience Hub Photo Louise Connor, University of Sydney

    Researchers Store Light as Sound

    A team from Australian National University and the University of Sydney in Australia has successfully stored light waves as sound waves for the first time.  The speed of sound is 100000 times slower than the speed of light. Thus, by...
  • Removing organic contaminants from porous materials with the high power excimer laser

    Decontaminating Soil with High-Power IR Lasers

    A new method developed at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts (US), uses high-power lasers to thermally decompose soil contaminants. Directly breaking down toxins and pollutants, the researchers say this decontamination approach could...
  • UbiQD Vice President, Matt Bergren, PhD, holds a 1 ft2 quantum dot-glass luminescent solar concentrator prototype The edges strongly emit near infra-red light 850 nm peak emission that gets guided into small but conventional solar cells hidden in the wind

    Less Toxic Quantum Dots

    In their quest for new materials for solar windows with ubiquitous tint, UbiQD, a company based in Los Alamos, New Mexico (US), has developed less toxic quantum dots. “We make quantum dots based on benign elements like copper, zinc,...
  • Bioimaging Technique Tracks Multiple In Vivo Interactions in Billionths of a Second

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