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  • Stephan Prller left and Dr Eva M Herzig in their laboratory Here they investigate the processes that take place on the molecular scale during the production of organic solar cells Photo Uli BenzTUM
  • The light-enabled microprocessor, a 3 x 6 millimeter chip, installed on a circuit board Photo by Glenn Asakawa

    CMOS Chip Processes Both Light and Electricity

    Mastering the transition between electronic data processing inside a computer and optical connections within a network remain a challenge. Separate chips for the processor and the optical interconnect have been the workaround.  Numerous...
  • Wired gas sensor chip with electrospray printed graphene oxide film as transducing element The graphene oxide layer is at the center of the chip and measures tens of nanometers in thickness MIT

    Electrospray Technique Prints MEMS Cheaply and Quickly

    Manufacturing microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) requires sophisticated semiconductor fabrication facilities that are extremely expensive to build and maintain. The prohibitively high initial investment cost has been a development barrier for...
  • Low-Temperature Bonding for Silicon-Based Micro-Optical Systems
  • Photonic SinteringFusing Nanoparticles at Lower Temperatures
  • Professor Xiaoke Yi in the University of Sydney photonics research lab
  • Trapping and Steering Light at the Surface of Graphene

    Trapping and Steering Light at the Surface of Graphene

    Researchers from the University of Exeter (UK) and the ICFO Institute in Barcelona (Spain) developed a new technique for trapping light at the surface of graphene using laser pulses. What is more, the scientists were able to steer the trapped light...

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