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Spectral Eye Video Database SPEED Revolutionizes Eye-Tracking
LAESI Interface Protea Introduces Molecular Imaging Technology
Deep Learning Computing With Nanophotonic Circuits
  • Deep Learning Computing With Nanophotonic Circuits

    Deep Learning Computing With Nanophotonic Circuits

    Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a nanophotonic technology that could remarkably increase the speed and efficiency of deep learning computations.  “Typically, a neural network is simulated on...
  • The molecular ruby in a solid red and dissolved yellow state can be used for contactless measurement of temperature Photo by Sven Otto

    Molecular Ruby Thermometer Measures on the Tiniest Scale

    Scientists at Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz (JGU), Germany, have developed a molecular thermometer inspired by the gemstone ruby. The thermometer is uniquely a water-soluble molecule, not an insoluble solid, and is dubbed Ruby for its...
  • Energy-Harvesting Photoluminescent Laser Phosphor Display

    Energy-Harvesting Photoluminescent Laser Phosphor Display

    Researchers from Ritsumeikan University in Japan have replaced the phosphor screen in a laser phosphor display (LPD) with a luminescent solar concentrator (LSC), enabling them to harvest energy from ambient light and also display high-resolution...
  • Ultra-Compact Hybrid Nanolaser Diode

    Ultra-Compact Hybrid Nanolaser Diode

    An ultra-compact hybrid nanolaser diode created by researchers in France is reportedly the first that can be integrated with silicon photonic waveguides without losing light-emitting efficiency. Working at a wavelength of 1.56 µm — the...
  • Far-Red-Light-Activated Optogenetically Engineered Cells Produce Insulin

    Optogenetically Engineered Cells Produce Insulin

    Researchers at East China Normal University have optogenetically engineered cells in diabetic mice to produce insulin when illuminated by far-red light. The insulin dosing is controlled via smartphone.  “The cells we used in this study...
  • Method for Controlling Light Propagating in Waveguides With Nano-Antennas could revolutionize optical communications

    Optical Nano-Antennas Control Light Propagation in Waveguides

    Researchers at the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science in New York City (US) have built photonic integrated devices with record-small footprints that can maintain optimal performance over an unprecedented broad wavelength...
  • Sonoillumination laser technique University of Missouri, Columbia

    Sonoillumination Transmits Laser Directly Into Skin

    On the path to safer and more effective ways to remove tattoos, birthmarks, etc., researchers at the University of Missouri have developed a new dermatological laser technique called sonoillumination that transmits laser light into skin tissue...

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