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Sydney Nanoscience Hub
Keeping solar cool with photonic crystals
  • Sydney Nanoscience Hub

    Photonics at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub

    One of the five flagship projects being conducted at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub in Sydney, Australia is the Nanoscale Photonic Circuits research led by Professor Benjamin Eggleton. The AINST scientists will make use of the...
  • Keeping solar cool with photonic crystals

    CLEO 2016: Photonic crystals keep solar cells cool

    Solar cells turn sunlight into electricity, but they’re only about 20% efficient. Much of the leftover energy turns into heat, which actually harms the solar cell. Now researchers from Stanford University, Palo Alto,...
  • OLED microdisplay research
  • Silicon nanostructured patterns on a glass substrate Image courtesy of the Capasso LabHarvard SEAS
  • SPIE President Robert Lieberman fourth from left met with members of the SPIE Delaware State University Student Chapter in Dover before speaking at the US Department of Energy National Lab Day at the University of Delaware in Newark DESU photo

    Photonic Sensors Helpful in Fossil-Fuel Energy Production

    Photonic sensors can improve safety, efficiency, and resource management for fossil-fuel-derived energy, SPIE President Dr Robert Lieberman told lab leaders, researchers and industry representatives during the U.S. Department of...
  • UT Southwestern Cryo-EM
  • SPIE Medical Imaging, Orlando in February

    SPIE Medical Imaging Call for Papers

    SPIE Medical Imaging, which takes place 11 to 16 February 2017 in Orlando, Florida (US) has issued a call for papers. SPIE Medical Imaging focuses on the latest information is presented by leading physicists, researchers, and...
  • Optogenetics-Based System Automates Testing Drugs for Cardiotoxicity
  • Metamaterial Structure
  • Treating Pain With Optogenetics

    Treating Pain With Optogenetics

    Further advancing the field of optogenetics, scientists at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital of McGill University and the McGill University Health Centre in Montréal, Canada, have developed a noninvasive, highly-focused...
  • Light-Activated Tool Helps to Better Understand Diabetes Drugs
  • Solid Film Stores Solar Energy, Releases Heat on Demand

    Solid Film Stores Solar Energy, Releases Heat on Demand

    Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created a novel type of material that stores heat. The solid but thin and transparent film assumes a charged state when exposed to sunlight and can maintain it over an extended...
  • Tunable Laser Promises Advances in Remote Sensing of Greenhouse Gases
  • Wladek Walukiewicz, senior staff scientist at Berkeley Labs Materials Sciences Division

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