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National Photonics Initiative
Magnolia Solar applies nanostructured designs to III-V and CIGS solar cells
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  • Professor Zenghu Chang from the Department of Physics and the College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida set a world record when he produced an attosecond pulse just 67as in duration

    Lasers Freeze Electron Movement

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor Harold Edgerton is widely known as a pioneer in the field of ultra-high speed photography. By synchronizing strobe flashes with the motion of objects, then taking a series of photographs through...
  • IMEC researchers have found that illumination stabilizes the morphology of polymerfullerene bulk heterojunction BHJ solar cells that are exposed to elevated temperatures

    Light-Induced Stabilisation of Organic Solar Cells

    Organic solar is a topic of much interest because of their light weight, flexibility and low manufacturing costs. At IMOMEC, Imec’s associated lab at Hasselt University in Belgium, researchers have found that illumination stabilizes the...
  • Fraunhofer researchers have developed a technique to produce mini-OLED screens without colour filters

    OLED Production Technique Slashes Costs, Improves Luminosity

    Screens made of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are a promising technology. Until now, however, a minimal lifespan and very high production costs have prevented them from becoming a widespread commercial product. Researchers at the Fraunhofer...
  • Five-stage ring oscillator based on a direct-coupled transistor logic technology, seamlessly integrated side-by-side on a single sheet of bilayer MoS2

    The Role of 2-D MoS2 in Display Technologies

    Graphene was just the beginning. New research suggests there is a whole array of two-dimensional materials that could change many aspects of modern life. The latest discovery is the 2-D version of a material already used as an industrial lubricant,...
  • The 47-inch HDTV on the right has been modified with Nanosys QDEF technology It shows a much wider range of colours

    Research Trends in Optical Nanostructures

    The explosion of interest in nanotechnology and nanoscience, combined with the study of nanoscale optical phenomena, has led to the emergence of new disciplines: nano-optics and nanophotonics. These, in turn, have spawned sub-disciplines such as...

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