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Excelitas Technologies Corp., a specialist in customized photonic solutions, will display its latest sensor, detector and laser innovations at Sensors Expo 27 to 29 June 2017 in San Jose, California (US).. 

Featured products at Excelitas’ exhibit (booth 1122) include:  

  • CaliPile Multi-Function Infrared Sensor: Representing a new range of intelligent IR sensor, CaliPile is uniquely designed to combine motion detection, presence detection and temperature measurement – all in one compact digital thermal infrared package. It features selectable frequency filters and levels that allow users to set the product into one of the three major operation modes, each of which can be set into individual use cases to achieve custom operations. Built with an integrated filter, CaliPile sensors can work without the need for additional lenses.
  • Low-Power DigiPyro PYD 1500 Series Motion Detectors– Excelitas’ “Generation 2” PYD 1500 Series DigiPyro detectors improve motion detection performance at just 1.8V to address growing market demand for enhanced performance and functionality with reduced supply voltage requirements. Designed for applications such as IP cameras and wireless intrusion alarms, the detectors operate at 1.8V to 3.3V with increased effective sensing range and faster activation.
  • 1X4 Pulsed Laser Diode Array: Excelitas’ new laser array for LiDAR applications combines field-proven high-efficiency, multi-cavity laser chip technology with small form-factor surface mount device (SMD) packaging for applications requiring high reliability such as autonomous vehicles and drones. Its 1X4 linear configuration minimizes space requirements in the assembly to enable smaller, less costly optical components. The new array is fully compatible with SMD pick-and-place and reflow soldering equipment, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into high-volume, low-cost assembly lines.

Company experts will be on site at the show or available by phone in advance of the conference to provide updates on its market-driven photonic solutions.

McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA. Booth 1122. 

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