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OPTIS, a virtual prototyping company, announces the unveiling of Theia-RT 2017. The software takes aim at outdated prototyping techniques by providing completely virtual experiences of organizations’ products. Theia-RT 2017 is an industrial, high-end 3D visualization software bringing visual dynamism and real-time interactions to product design. Its physics-based 3D visualizations are highly realistic, enabling users to experience lighting, materials and colors in fully-immersive virtual environments. Theia-RT 2017 eliminates costs associated with creating multiple renditions of prototypes by allowing for instantaneous virtual updates to product concepts.

Theia-RT 2017’s unveiling is this week at SIGGRAPH, the computer graphics and interactive techniques conference, via demonstrations of the software’s new capabilities.

Through its intuitive virtual Light Painting features, the software makes it simple to create a variety of illumination systems and to visualize how materials will behave. Theia-RT 2017’s Real-Time Configurator allows users to test various material combinations virtually, taking into account geographic location, time of day and weather conditions, to offer an accurate preview of a product’s appearance in a given environment.

During SIGGRAPH, July 30 – Aug. 3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, booth #1223, OPTIS will demonstrate the Light Painting feature on the CAD model of the Cosy Cocoon, an autonomous vehicle project from a designer who worked with Alfa Romeo and Mercedes. The physics-based light painting, performed in a VR helmet, is replicated in a CAVE, in real time. Additionally, OPTIS will demonstrate the Real-Time Configurator on the CAD model of the AM37, a luxury boat from Quintessence Yachts. During the demonstration, users can experience the boat using a VR Helmet or in a CAVE.

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