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Small 120-W CO2 Laser Enables Compact Machine Tools

A new 120-W CO2 laser from Coherent offers a 30% better power/volume ratio than most competitive lasers in this class, enabling the construction of compacter laser-based systems for space-constrained, industrial applications. 

The Cx-10 delivers a shorter pulse fall time than other waveguide CO2 lasers at this power level, which translates directly into a smaller heat affected zone (HAZ) on the work piece, as well as increased throughput speeds. Power stability further ensures process uniformity and repeatable results, which is especially important in thin-film processing applications. Reliability in the Cx-10 is enhanced through an integrated RF power supply and a modular RF board which also facilitates field serviceability. 

 Cx-10 lasers are intended to service a range of high-volume marking, cutting and engraving applications, employing a wide variety of materials, including acrylics, cardboard, ceramics, polymer films, thin metals, laminates, leather, paper, rubber, natural stone, textiles, wood and PCBs. The laser is liquid-cooled and available at four different standard wavelengths, enabling its output to be matched to yield optimum results for specific materials. These wavelengths include 10.6 µm, which is suitable for most organic materials, 10.2 µm for improved processing of the polypropylene films used widely in food packaging, 9.6 µm for efficient cutting of the thin films used in flat panel display (FPD) fabrication, and 9.3 µm for applications with polycarbonate (PC) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), such as marking plastic bottles. 

Furthermore, all Coherent C/Cx-series lasers, with output powers from 20 W to 120 W, utilize a common platform in terms of mounting and output beam position. 

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