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The Spetec Flow Box FBS or “CleanBoy”  has been developed for a localized clean room experience. The use of a Laminar Flow Box or a “CleanBoy” establishes clean room conditions at the location where they are needed.

For the manufacturing of the Flow Box FBS only high-quality materials such as acrylic glass and stainless steel are being applied. For installation in an acidic atmosphere a special protective coating will be offered as an option.

The effective clean room space of the FBS covers a size between 2,5 square feet and 12,9 square feet.

The Spetec clean room devices are equipped with a filter of the type H 14. These have a filtration efficiency of 99.995 %. This means that the filter captures at least 99.995 % of all particles of a size of 0.12 μm (as per MPPS). The filtration efficiency is approx. 99.9995 % for particles with a size of 0.3 μm. This laminar airflow below the flow modules means that there is no crossover with dirty air from the outside and the air moves as a parallel stream.

The "CleanBoy", available as a floor-standing or table-top device, offers what the company calls a cost effective and simple solution to the particle problem. The “CleanBoy”  is simply set up and is ready to use immediately with no further installation. A mobile, wheel-mounted version of the CleanBoy makes it possible to transport the unit to different locations within the company. It is also possible to adapt the dimensions to meet the requirements of problematic workplaces.

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