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Sofradir LWIR SWaP-optimized camera core Atom T320

Sofradir, a provider of infrared technology will introduce the Atom T320 at the upcoming SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing Expo in Orlando, Florida (US).

The Atom T320 is a full-function uncooled IR camera core supplied ready to integrate with or without lens. The unit, which operates in the LWIR spectral range, incorporates a ULIS 12µm-pixel pitch sensor with 320 x 240 resolution for detection and imaging. 

Rugged, compact and lightweight, the AtomT320 is designed for use in weapon sights and other applications such as UAVs, surveillance, handheld imagers, wearables and automotive obstacle detection systems that require a long-wave infrared detection unit made for diverse weather and environmental conditions.

SPIE DCS attendees can receive a demonstration of the Atom T320 either at the Sofradir-EC booth #806 or at the Sofradir-EC suite by private registration.

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