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Photonics Innovation Village at SPIE Photonics Europe 2018 showcases research and innovative products from universities, nonprofits, and research centres The innovative researchers taking part in the program gain free exposure and take part in a competiti

With a record number of presentations and twice the number of exhibition vendors as 2016, this year's SPIE Photonics Europe makes an exciting return to Strasbourg 22–26 April 2018.

Eighteen conferences in all, including seven new ones, will cover the leading research disciplines driving the photonics revolution, including digital optics, quantum technologies, optical imaging and science, laser-based manufacturing, and attosecond science. New conference topics include 3D-printed optics and additive photonic manufacturing; advances in ultrafast condensed phase physics; fiber lasers and glass photonics; silicon photonics; organic electronics and photonics; and unconventional optical imaging. Plenary speakers include Alain Aspect, Jeremy Baumberg, Rainer Blatt, Frank Koppens, Anne L'Huillier and Jens Limpert.

The event will debut a student optical-design challenge, focusing on augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.

The SPIE Photonics Europe Exhibition, 24–25 April, offers an opportunity for researchers and engineers to connect with more than 100 leading global companies showcasing the newest products and innovations. The exhibition is free to attend and will feature product demonstrations ranging from a 3D LED wall to IR image sensors. 

In the exhibition hall, the Photonics Innovation Village highlights European research programs, encouraging the translation of optics and photonics technology into new and useful products. Developed as a way to publicize university and non-profit research teams who are working on new applications and product development, the program offers a top prize of €1500 and two runner-up prizes of €500 each.

Key to the success of Photonics Europe Exhibition is a new cooperation between Photonics France and SPIE. Thirty Photonics France members will participate  in the exhibition's French Pavilion, and Photonics France's inaugural assembly — merging AFOP, the French association of Manufacturers in Optics and Photonics, and CNOP, the French National Committee of Optics and Photonics — will take place during Photonics Europe.

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