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Spectra-Physics, a Newport Corporation brand, introduces a high-power green Q-switched laser for high-speed microelectronics manufacturing applications. The Pulseo 532-44 features high-average green power with stability, beam quality, pulse width and reliability. The new laser is suitable for high-speed precision cutting and drilling of semiconductors, glass, electronics packages, printed circuit boards, ceramic substrates and other microelectronics.

“The new Pulseo 532-44 laser extends our … line of Pulseo high-power Q-switched lasers, spanning from ultraviolet (UV) to green and from mid-power to high power and high repetition rates,” notes Scott White, senior manager of product marketing for Spectra-Physics. “The new laser is designed and tested for 24-hours-a-day/7-days-a-week (24/7) operation in … microelectronics manufacturing environments.”

Spectra-Physics’ Pulseo 532-44 features more than 44-watt (W) average 532-nanometre (nm) output power with short 30 nanosecond (ns) pulse widths to minimise undesirable heat damage to the processed material and less than 3% pulse-to-pulse stability for high process reproducibility and yields. Based on the field-proven Pulseo platform, the new laser delivers long-term stability, reliability and low cost of operation.

The Pulseo 532-44 laser will be featured at the SPIE Photonics West 2013 exhibition on 5-7 February at the Moscone Centre (Newport booth 1301) in San Francisco, California (US). 

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