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Hyperspectral imaging (HIS) has made inroads in the machine vision industry in the recent past. With the new TAG5-Hyp HSI camera, Tattile offers a state-of- the-art hyperspectral camera equipped with a compact and robust Snapshot Mosaic Sensor available in two versions: the 4x4 filter array with 16 HSI bands captures visible light in the spectrum of 470-630nm and the 5x5 filter array with 25 HSI bands captures near infrared light in the wavelength between 600-975nm. The effective resolution in the 4x4 array lies at 512x272 pixels and in a 5x5 array at approx. 410x218 pixels. The original resolution can be reconstructed by interpolation. Moreover, the new C-Mount hyperspectral camera takes advantage of the well-established Tattile TAG-5 high performance digital camera which is fully compatible with the GigE Vision and GenICam standards.

Power over Ethernet supply (PoE) and the compact design with dimensions of 34x34x59 mm at a weight of 115g allow a quick and easy installation, at any inspection point. Equipped with a CMV2000 global shutter image sensor it operates at a frame rate of 44 fps.

Hyperspectral cameras have already conquered a lot of application fields. These include quality grading and fruit sorting in the food industry, pharmaceutical defect or bank-note inspection; many disciplines in medical imaging as well as security and surveillance. Hyperspectral imaging cameras have also found its way into airborne remote sensing such as for precision farming. In particular for this latter application but for all other just the same, the lightweight and compact Tattile TAG5-Hyp is the perfect fit.

Furthermore, the optional combination with the Tattile M-100 Vision Controller and the use of the Tattile machine vision software Nautilus for image pre-processing, band splitting etc. provides a perfect interface to a wide range of hyperspectral imaging processing software tools or to advanced Chemical Colour Imaging software packages.

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