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The Vision Show 2018 3D vision solutions from Framos

Imaging provider Framos will be presenting its full imaging portfolio with a focus on cameras and industrial solutions, including Intel’s RealSense Technology at The Vision Show in Boston, Massachusetts (US), 10–12 April 2018.

Framos will educate current and potential users about the latest advances in machine vision, 3D technology and embedded vision and provide practical solutions to industry-specific challenges at Booth 311. In addition, based on the longterm partnership with sensor manufacturer Sony, Framos will showcase the latest CMOS sensors to enter the next level of vision applications. Users can explore easy-to-integrate 3D vision on demo stations, including the newly developed wearable supporting visually impaired people in daily life. The real-time 3D system creates a new way of sensing by translating visual information.

The booth will also include a sampling of camera solutions from Emergent Vision for 10-gige technology, Smartek Vision for gige vision and USB3 connection, ISVI for high-speed solutions based on CoaxPress technology, customized sensor solutions from Pyxalis and lighting components from Effilux and Falcon Illumination. 

The Framos team will present their range of components and solutions at booth #311.

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