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ETS320 thermal imaging camera

FLIR Systems has published an application note that describes how their ETS320 thermal imaging camera is being used by Isomedia, Stuttgart, Germany, to investigate and speed up the repair of assembled printed circuit boards (PBA).

Isomedia is a customer service provider and same-day repair center for brands of mobile devices in Germany. To speed up their repair work, Isomedia has for the past four years been using FLIR thermal cameras to locate problems and identify what is happening on a PBA.

Earlier this year, the company invested in a FLIR ETS320 non-contact thermal measurement system. The new portable system, which pairs a high-sensitivity infrared camera with an integrated stand, has enabled Isomedia to undertake hands-free thermal analysis of printed circuit boards and other small electronics. The staff at Isomedia has found the FLIR ETS320 easy to use. Being potable, it is also easy to share the system among multiple technicians. 

By offering more than 76000 points of temperature measurement, the FLIR ETS320 offers the ability to monitor power consumption, detect hot spots and identify potential points of failure during product development. The camera’s high measurement accuracy and its ability to visualize small temperature differences helps evaluate thermal performance, ensure environmental compatibility and troubleshoot problems for a wide range of electronic products. FLIR designed the ETS320 for hands-free use in a lab, with a microscope-style stand.

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