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UKIVA Machine Vision 2018 First keynote speech announced

The first keynote presentation for the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition will be delivered by Henry Harris-Burland, VP Marketing at Starship Technologies, creators of self-driving delivery robots. He will give a presentation outlining the capabilities of the robot and discuss the future, what they have learned so far, the challenges they have faced, social acceptance and more. Starship robots are advanced personal delivery devices that carry items within a 2-mile (3-km) radius, using pavements to make their deliveries. The Conference and Exhibition will be held at Arena MK, Milton Keynes, UK, on Wednesday 16 May 2018. 

The robot is equipped with 9 or 10 cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors that create an “awareness bubble,” allowing it to detect and avoid obstacles, such as pedestrians, cars and cyclists. A proprietary positioning system, which includes GPS but is accurate down to 2 cm, allows it to find the exact location to which it is delivering the order. A robot can hold the equivalent of three shopping bags of food up to 22 lb in weight in a locked compartment that can only be opened using a code sent to the recipient via their mobile phone. 

Starship Technologies was founded in 2014 by Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis, who were both involved in the creation of Skype, and has its business headquarters in San Francisco, California (US). The company is carrying out a major trial at present in Milton Keynes itself, and will bring a robot along to the event to dispense soft drinks and sweets during the lunch period so that visitors can see it in action. A ‘robot ambassador’ will be on hand to answer robot questions and engage with visitors. The Keynote presentation will be made at the beginning of the afternoon session.

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