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Wavelength Electronics LDMount for Pump and Communication Diode Lasers

Made for pump and communication diode lasers, the LDMount from Wavelength Electronics is designed for optoelectronic modules in a 14-pin butterfly package that require up to 5A. 

With integrated heat sinking, built-in safety features and connection to eight different high-performance wavelength controllers, the LDMount can be used in a variety of applications, mounted on an optics table or to a chassis. 


  • Capable of running lasers up to 5 A
  • Capable of running thermoelectrics up to 5 A
  • Compatible with 14-pin butterfly laser diode packages
  • Type 1 & Type 2 butterfly packages are supported with pre-soldered connection card
  • Other laser types supported with customer-soldered Custom Butterfly Card
  • Zero insertion force (ZIF) socket holds laser diode
  • Laser interlock safety circuit
  • TEC Active/Bypass interlock safety circuit
  • Mounts to an optics table with standard 1/4-20” screw
  • Compatible with 8 Wavelength temperature controllers and laser drivers.


Designed for 14-pin butterfly laser diodes with internal thermistors and thermo-electric coolers (TEC), the LDMount is a laser diode mount with integrated heat sinking, and simple connections between the drivers and the diode laser. A zero insertion force (ZIF) socket holds the laser. Two 9-pin DSUB connectors enable TEC and laser driver control. Two basic butterfly laser diode types are supported. For any other pinout, the LDMOUNT-CU Card is available for hand wiring. 

The LDMount is designed for use with laser diodes that have the laser diode anode (LDA) grounded. As such, the laser diode cathode (LDC) is at a negative potential. The LDMOUNT is designed to operate at temperatures below 50°C. The user is able to change between the types easily by using the provided pre-configured connection card. 


The LDMount has several built-in safety features. These include a reverse bias protection diode across the laser diode, an interlock circuit for the laser diode current and a TEC Active/Bypass switch to require active temperature control before laser current can be enabled.

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