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Ximea Releases Cameras with Sony IMX255 and IMX253 Sensors

Ximea, a specialist in small-size and high-speed cameras, has released more models with Sony CMOS Pregius sensors and USB3 Vision.

It started with models based on IMX174, IMX252 and IMX250, and now Ximea has made accessible to the general public the first units with the Sony CMOS IMX255 sensor, providing 8.9 mpix at 43 fps, as well as cameras using the Sony IMX253 sensor with 12.4 mpix at 31 fps. The newcomers are part of the xiC line of cameras enhanced with the USB3 interface.

All Sony models from the IMX family based on the Pregius technology have Global shutter and supply 8, 10 or 12 bit high-quality pictures with a dynamic range higher than 70 dB, low noise, exceptional light sensitivity and color reproduction, at a speed much higher than Sony CCD equivalents.

To leverage the image quality of the newest Sony sensors and their high speed using USB3, Ximea has cast these ingredients into an extra small form factor housing, measuring only 26 x 26 x 33 mm and weighing just 38 grams. Power requirements are as low as 3 watt, which allows the cameras to be bus powered directly through the USB3 cable.

The interface is specified as USB 3.1 Gen 1 and there is no practical difference from the well-known USB 3.0, still ensuring a high bandwidth of 5 Gbit/s. Ximea offers various types of connectors — the default being standard USB 3.0 Micro-B, but it is also possible to supply camera variations with the new USB Type-C or Flex line connector ideal for embedded vision systems.

Ximea API/SDK supports Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and the most popular Machine Vision Libraries including MVTec Halcon, National Instruments Labview, OpenCV and Mathworks Matlab. An interesting option is the combination of these miniature cameras with Linux ARM boards to further enhance the mobility of the overall system package.

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