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The CTP10 is a modular measurement platform for efficient testing of passive components in 247 operation It features parallel measurement by handling up to 4 DUTs simultaneously

Yenista Optics has developed the CTP10, a next-generation platform for the rapid testing of passive optical components such as Photonic Integrated Circuits and Wavelength Selective Switches. The CTP10 mainframe hosts up to 10 hot swappable modules and contains embedded software for configuring the desired test set-up. The GUI displays the graphs and analysis results simultaneously on two external screens.

The platform has been designed for heavy-duty measurements in both R&D and production environments. It covers the wavelength range from 1240 to 1680 nm and features the capability of testing four devices independently at the same time. A single wavelength scan with an external tunable laser provides insertion loss and return loss with a dynamic range of 70 dB. The power meters of the platform enable accurate characterization of small ripple (0.1 mdBm/µs) and steep edges (> 1 dB/µs) for high-end filters and micro-resonators with slopes of up to 10000 dB/nm.

In March, the CTP10 was successfully showcased for the first time in a live demonstration at the OFC 2017 exhibition. The product will start shipping in Q4 2017.

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